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How Well Does Spirulina’s Colour Hold Up in Cold Process Soap?

I’m so happy to be able to write a little blurb about experiments in the studio again! I wish I had more time to do this amidst all the changes at work, but I’m happy for the occasional opportunity all the same. 🙂

So how does spirulina fare as a stable, all-natural colourant in CP soap? I reckon it does pretty well, all things considered. 🙂 Here’s what it looked like when I first sliced our Fiddler’s Green soap:


The powder itself looked a dark, deep blue-green which turned into this lovely fresh colour the day after I poured the soap into the mold.

Then 3 weeks later, this is what the colour looked like:


Not exactly stable, but still produces a good strong green. It lost most of its blue component, to take on a more mature, olive green kind of shade. Interestingly, the powder that is in the swirl on the surface of the soap seems to have stayed quite prominent:


I was hoping that it would retain its strong blue-tinged green, but I’m still happy with the results all the same. For the lowest layer of colour which was at its most concentrated, I used 25g of spirulina powder in about 2.6kg of raw soap (yes, that works out to be one rather expensive load of colourant for a bar of soap!)

It will be interesting to see what the colour looks like 6 months down the road. 🙂 Will try to remember to post pics when I can.

3 thoughts on “How Well Does Spirulina’s Colour Hold Up in Cold Process Soap?

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Beautiful soaps. Did you add the powder directly or did you infuse one of your oils? Did the color hold up?

    1. Hey Anne, thanks for the compliment! 🙂 For that experiment, I added the spirulina powder directly to the soap and sadly, the colour didn’t hold up – it eventually turned a shade of olive green / brown. 🙁 I’ll definitely be trying the oil infusion method next (when I can find the time to play again!)

  2. Loving the fresh, green colors of your soap =) Those ombre lines are amazing!

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