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Star Wars Soap Available for Pre-Orders!

Sorry to have kept you waiting, but the Star Wars soaps are finally listed on our website!big grin I had a bit of trouble with taking new photos, so I finally managed to dig up the ones I originally used in previous years.

Hoth and Endor are now available at a special pre-order price of RM20 per bar instead of the full price of RM23 per bar, until they are done curing between Nov 20th and Nov 28th. Get these limited edition soaps for all your Star Wars fans while stocks last!

SW Hoth 01

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Soap Available for Pre-Orders!

  1. I noticed that Endor is the usual 110g while Goth is 100g?

    1. Hey Maxine! Thanks for the heads up. Actually both are about 110g each, +/- 5g. Let me fix their labels. You have sharp eyes! 😉

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