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Music Monday – Grand Central (K-Pax OST)

Hi people, it’s another brand new Monday and here’s today’s Music Monday pick. Grand Central was composed by Edward Shearmur for the movie K-Pax which was released in 2001. I don’t think it made it to Malaysia, but I watched the film while in the UK. Its story is one of those that allows viewers to draw their own conclusions as to what really happened in the end. Of all the music which I enjoyed throughout the movie, this track is the one I played on loop most often. :p

Happy Monday!

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Breakfast Bars In A Treasury!

One of my favourite journal makers on Etsy, Baghy, has very graciously included me in her “Weekend Spa” Treasury. Look at all the other lovely things she’s picked out for it!

‘Weekend Spa’ by Baghy

Champagne Leather Double Ros…


Passion Pure Natural Soap Ba…


ANTIQUE GOLD Pink and Champa…




vintage white rose with gink…


Wall-mount soap dish, reclai…




Bee Pure Organic Manuka Hone…


The Breakfast Bar. All-natu…


ORGANIC Bath Salt – Dead Sea…


Pumpkin Pie Dish or Washclot…


Free – 7 – Mini art feeling


Wind Rose Cream digital prin…




6 Ivory Rose Blossoms Flower…


Garden botanicals. delicate …


Generated using Treasury HTML code generator by Whale Shark Websites.

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I’m In The Hospital

Hi everyone, just a quick note from my phone that i’m warded at the hospital’s maternity ward. I started noticing regular contractions last night so we came in for a check. Now i’m under treatment and observation to prevent pre term labour. It sounds a lot worse than in really is, but it does mean that I must take bedrest more seriously now that we know i have to put up with a condition known as an irritable uterus.
Anyway, our goal is to carry our baby boy to full term. He’s now only 34 weeks on so there’s plenty of time left. Please keep my family in your prayers. 🙂

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Uh Oh, Something’s Broken On The Website…

If you’re a regular visitor to this website, you may have noticed that it doesn’t look quite like its usual self at the moment–sorry about that! Hubby the Webmaestro will get around to fixing it up this weekend. In the meantime, you can still browse the shop, make purchases and use PayPal for them.

Hope you’ve been having a great week so far.

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Brandon Turned 3 on Monday

My darling son has technically gone past the “terrible two” stage and is now officially three years old.

Mummy, papa and mei mei love you dearly, Brandon. May you find reasons to laugh and smile incessantly each and every day of your life. We’re always here to give you plenty of cuddles, kisses, love and encouragement whenever you wish for them.

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Now Curing: Dark Chocolate Soap

Reformulated and prettified! This fresh batch of Dark Chocolate soap contains generous lashings of cocoa butter and anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder that will leave you with soft, silky-smooth skin after each shower. It doesn’t smell strongly of chocolate, but you might just catch a whiff of the cocoa butter in the shower. (I still occasionally stick my nose into my stash of cocoa butter just to inhale that heavenly scent!)

Dark Chocolate will be available for sale from March 22nd. As always, pre-orders are welcome — just send me an e-mail. Have yourself a lovely weekend. 🙂

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Now Curing: Lavender and Sweet Orange Soap

Lavender and Sweet Orange Soap
After weeks of not being able to make any soap, this lovely new batch is now sitting on my drying racks to cure, waiting to make your bath time that extra little bit special!

This is a new blend of essential oils that I’m trying out — lavender and sweet orange. The scent is surprisingly bright and cheery, which is a nice twist to my usual Just Lavender bar. It is still suitable for all skin types (yay!). Continue reading Now Curing: Lavender and Sweet Orange Soap

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Crunch Time

When I left my job as head of customer service at a local unit trust firm, I thought my days of occasionally pulling all-nighters were at an end.

Since yesterday, I’ve been working till about 2am to make batches of soap for a client, for whom I am really grateful. But gosh, I didn’t realise how tiring it would be! I’ve been on my feet all night ever since the kids went to bed, and having to draw out even more of myself after a full day of non-stop activity. Granted, it Was a beautiful day (lunch and laughter with a new-found friend, buying new bedsheets for the kids, flipping through Real Simple mags in a 3-hour wait to see my gynae).

But everyone has limits. And I think I’m pushing past mine. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, we’ll just have to see what I’m like in a few hours when the kids wake up. :”>

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Taking Deep Breaths…

Live radio interview at BFM tomorr… Oh wait a minute, *later* this morning. :p 10am. Gotta wake up bright and early to make sure Brandon gets to playschool in a good mood, then head straight over to the studio. I’m not taking any chances with post-Raya traffic conditions!

Looking forward to it! Please send over your good vibes so I can speak coherently throughout the interview. :”>

Now off to bed.

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All-New, Whizz-Bang Website For Kinder Soaps!

One long evening of work, and here we have a spanking new look for Kinder Soaps’ website, complete with its very own Shopping Cart feature! I can’t believe it’s finally up! And at long last, the Products page is there on the side bar to your left so you’ll know exactly what I have in stock.

Do take a tour round the site. There are still a few things that need fixing up here and there so if you come across something that doesn’t look quite right, shoot me an e-mail at so I can have it looked at.

Who does all the credit go to for the IT side of Kinder Soaps? My patient, ever-supportive and practical husband. He won’t blow his own trumpet on this kind of thing, but THIS is his element. If you’re interested to know what he does for  a living, look for Wu Han on MindValley’s website. None of what you see of Kinder Soaps online would have come to fruition so quickly without his awesome IT and user experience expertise.

3am. I’m tired but happy, and it’s time to recharge for a brand new day. I-)