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Ibu Christmas Bazaar at 1 Mont Kiara, Nov 12th

If you missed us at last weekend’s Crafty Art Market, you can get your fix of soap and other all-natural body care goodies at 1 Mont Kiara on Saturday November 12th, when Kinder Soaps participates in the Ibu Christmas Bazaar. Hope to see you there! Details are all in the poster below.






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Someone Won RM500 to Spend at Kinder Soaps!

Those of you who visited us at the most recent Crafty Art Market may have participated in our Lucky Draw by answering a few quick questions (thanks for stopping by y’all!). We had 60 entries, and the lucky winner was entry number 17, as selected by It’s Mr Steven Chung who stopped by to chat and pick up a bar of soap. 🙂 Congratulations Steven! I’m so glad that we can help you sort out your Christmas gift shopping! 🙂 RM500 can get you a lot of soap. A. LOT.

Another treat (for me at least) was that my brother, Lionel, offered to come and help out at the booth for the afternoon. I had such fun having him around, spotting all the marketing issues that I missed and basically acting as a much-needed additional hand/mouth/brain/eyes/feet for the entire time he was there. It was his birthday too! My dad was also around–you may have spied him seated at the back of the booth with his iPad. He wasn’t playing games, mind you… He was scheming. Big things. 😉

Here we are, for the first time–a whole-family affair at a Kinder Soaps bazaar outing.

I still didn’t have much time to walk around the Market to take photos or visit booths, and it still took me 3 hours to finish a burger that was supposed to have been my lunch… But I’d never ask for anything to have turned out differently. It was a lovely, sunny Saturday, and it was spent in a most satisfying way. 🙂

See you all again at the next bazaar!

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Starter Gift Basket – Eczema

Here’s something that I’ve bundled together with the intention of providing a measure of relief to eczema sufferers. Do you know of someone who could use some help with their condition?

This gift basket contains:

All these items normally retail for a total of RM120, but by purchasing this gift basket, your recipient will get to enjoy these goodies for just RM100. And as always, I’ll courier this free of charge to all West Malaysian addresses. 🙂

Send along a little love today!

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Starter Gift Basket – Babies

The perfect gift for a new mother, or for a family that is concerned about keeping to all-natural skin care, especially for their little ones.

This gift basket contains:

All these items normally retail for a total of RM120, but by purchasing this gift basket, your recipient will get to enjoy these goodies for just RM100. And as always, I’ll courier this free of charge to all West Malaysian addresses. 🙂

Send along a little love today!

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Starter Gift Basket – Dry Skin

Do you, or someone you know, have skin that looks dry, flaky, and is in dire need of some moisturization and pampering? This gift will hopefully do so much more than bring about a smile and a thank-you.

I have selected what I feel is the best possible combination to help someone quickly overcome their dry skin condition in the short term, and with the intention of gradually improving their skin’s overall health in the long run. This gift basket contains:

All these items normally retail for a total of RM120, but by purchasing this gift basket, your recipient will get to enjoy these goodies for just RM100. And as always, I’ll courier this free of charge to all West Malaysian addresses. 🙂

Send along a little love today!

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Recent Goings-On

Hi everyone! I realise I haven’t written much recently because of general day to day busy-ness, so here’s quick update on what’s happened in the past handful of weeks.

First, there was the successful break-in of my office and my that of my in-laws’ by an elderly couple (whom I hope is the pair in question as reported as caught by the police in The Star). Nothing was stolen, thankfully. The most valuable things in there were some of my essential oils, of course, and also the shrink wrapping machine. They were probably just looking to cart off cash or other small valuables.

First they broke the lock on the grille on the ground floor…

…then clipped off two bars on the staircase banister to crawl upstairs, and destroy the lock on the roller shutter that was blocking their way.

After replacing the locks, welding back the two cut bars on the staircase, and installing a new roller shutter downstairs, it was back to business. I was running low on some stock already, so it was just day after day, turning up early in the mornings to make soap:

On the left is Goats Milk and Patchouli. On the right, Clarity. I’m still getting the hang of being able to whip up more than one type of soap per work session, as I’ve been used to making only one type per session for years (being constrained by space at home). Yay for efficiency!

Clarity, just after slicing. I always get a kick out of seeing the resulting whirls in each batch of soap–this one was no exception. 🙂

The new-look bars of Summer Fizz. The luscious, rich red colouring is from Australian reef red clay, which is high in iron and is said to help restore your skin’s natural glow. These will be ready for sale this Saturday at 1 Mont’ Kiara! 🙂

I’m surprised how quickly Songbird has run out. It’s nice to know that its unusual scent has its own following amongst my customers, although it’s definitely not as popular as the Goats Milk and Patchouli bars. This particular batch won’t be ready for another 3 weeks.

Then came the wonderful news that a wholesale order for 800 bars of soap was signed off on, and the money was on the table. To cope with the additional curing space that I’d need, I used part of the deposit to buy these two second-hand cooling racks from Chai & Chai Trading. They’re in terrific condition:

This is the first time I’ve had SO many bars of soap out curing simultaneously. And it’s also going to be the first time that I’ll need help to get all the soap packaged in time for delivery. I’m offering RM15/hour for a morning’s work and am looking for 1 more person to help. If you can lift heavy objects, it’s a definite plus! It’ll be one day in the weeks beginning Oct 24th and Oct 31st. Just send me an email if you’re interested. 🙂

Right now I’m preparing for this weekend’s bazaar outing at 1 Mont’ Kiara. This is so exciting, as it’s the first time that I’ll be selling my ware in the Mont Kiara area. So please do drop by at the Square Market, happening at the ground floor atrium of 1 Mont’ Kiara from 10am till 10pm on Saturday and Sunday, Oct 15th and 16th. If their past markets are any indication of what to expect, you should also find clothing, jewelry, home furnishing (some really lovely throw rugs, from what I recall), and homemade baked goodies.

If you’ve read this far, I’m assuming that you are supportive of Kinder Soaps–so thank you, for everything. 🙂

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Stamping on Goats Milk Soap FAIL

This is my goats milk and patchouli soap, after I tried stamping them 5 days after they were sliced.

FIVE. DAYS. And it looks like they were still way too soft to be imprinted with anything.

Fussypots. Hmph. I’ll be in the office again tomorrow, so will try stamping them yet again.

On a much happier note, there’ll be new equipment arriving later this morning! Well, sort of new, as they’re from my favourite second-hand store. WHEEE! 😀




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Experiment: French-Milled Chocolate Bar (SUCCESS!)

It’s about time that I started exploring rebatching soap, or also referred to as french-milled soap, as the result is supposed to be an even more gentle and longer lasting bar of soap, compared to normal cold process soap. And because there isn’t any saponification taking place in this process, you can add ingredients that would otherwise discolour or be destroyed in cold process soap, such as dried flowers and herbal powders.

So for this morning’s experiment I scratched this long-standing itch of wanting to make a real chocolate scented soap. The cocoa CO2 oil in my Double Duty balms makes for a heavenly out-of-shower treat, but I still haven’t managed to make a batch of soap that smells just as great.

Last night I grated down two bars of fully-cured Breakfast Bars. It really looks just like cheese! Then I dumped them into a double boiler at the office this morning to warm up and be melted into a mushy paste. I had to add a little water since most of it had already evaporated from the bar after curing:

It took about 30 mins for the soap to get to this state. Then when it was soft and gel-like, I measured out the cocoa CO2 oil and mixed it into the paste well. The aroma was smile-inducing! I covered the pot and let it stay warm for a little while more before scooping out the mixture into a lined plastic container. It was still rather warm (I kept the thermostat on my double boiler at about 90ËšC) but firmed up fairly quickly.

Then a few hours later, after I got home, I took the slab of soap out of the liner and this is what it looked like:

I adore its rough and rustic, crumbly-looking surface all round. Don’t be fooled though–it’s as solid as any of my other bars, if not even more so. I will let it sit out for another few hours before I slice it up.

Right now though, everytime I’m near that thing I can’t help but pick it up to inhale its subtly sweet, chocolatey scent.

Watch out people, you’ve got a dessert soap coming your way soon! :p

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Interview on The Bigger Picture Segment With BFM89.9

My third interview on BFM89.9! 😀 This time I get a tiny bit more technical on the science behind soap. I had to do up soo much background reading to make sure I got my facts straight, and I really hope I didn’t commit any scientific transgressions by spouting any wrong information. :-s

We chatted about how Kinder Soaps came about, how soap works, some of my favourite ingredients and why there seems to be an uptrend in the number of artisanal soapmakers recently.

I hope this interview gives you a better picture about why (and how) I’m just nuts over all-natural soap and skincare. Bouquets and brickbats are welcome!

After all, my foremost concern is to offer you a kinder bar of soap.