Don’t Live With Dry Skin Any Longer

Revive Dry Skin.

You don’t have to live with it any longer.

What if we told you that you can FREE yourself from dry, itchy skin by merely changing the soap you use for your shower, and 30 seconds to apply an all-natural moisturiser after you’ve towelled off?

No complicated skincare systems that cost you a small fortune to maintain. And yet your skin will feel softer, more comfortable, and eventually healthier, given enough time under this new, straightforward regime.

We know it works – because we have already helped hundreds of our clients get comfortable in their own skin since we began operations in 2009. Some even told us they noticed visible changes in their skin appearance in just days.

Could it be really that simple?


How Life Got Easier (And More Comfortable) For Our Clients

My son loved the soap very much. After using Goat’s Milk and Patchouli, he felt very happy, his skin became smoother and softer than before. He had dry skin before, even applied the commercial lotion (special for dry skin), it seemed to not work on his skin. And he scratched his skin always.

Really love your natural soap. Thanks.

– Nicole

Dry Skin Relief Skin Treats Oil for Natural Moisturization
Pair up Goats Milk & Honey soap with this Dry Skin Relief after shower, and my skin becomes baby soft and smooth 🙂 My skin is greatly moisturized that I don’t need to apply body lotion anymore. Love the sweet orangey smells too 🙂

– Anis

Double Duty Balm Lock In Moisture Naturally
I just had a surgery and my skin around the surgery area and my back flared up and started peeling off, my surgeon says my skin was allergic to povidone iodine. I got this (actually I sent hubs to get soaps and he was gifted this) during the last roadshow, and my skin got better in just 2 days. Now no more peeling or itching at all! Thank you, thank you so much!

– Doreen Owee

Dry, itchy skin is no fun. We get it.

How many times have you given in to scratching that unbelievably itchy spot on your skin in public, knowing full well that it isn’t quite polite, but you do it anyway because it feels so good?

Some of us scratch the itch so much, or too hard, till our skin bleeds. We don’t realise that we leave bloodstains on our shirts sometimes, but we aren’t surprised by them either.

Or maybe you wear long-sleeved shirts or trousers, but had to choose a colour or pattern such that the fine flakes of dry skin wouldn’t show up on the fabric so much.

We are here to assure you that you don’t have to suffer the discomfort, pain or embarrassment from having dry, itchy skin, any longer.


Imagine what life would be like with normal, healthy skin

  • Be free to wear anything you fancy without worrying about covering up unsightly flaky patches of skin
  • Save time by having a really simple, yet effective, skincare routine
  • Be completely focused on doing the things you enjoy the most, instead of being distracted by constant itching
  • Be more self-confident in social settings

It could be easier to achieve than you think.


What Does Your Skin Need For Optimal Maintenance?

(barring any particularly acute skin ailments)

moisturizing soap bar


A well-formulated soap bar does the job in a cinch. Showering with it will leave your skin thoroughly cleansed, but without being stripped of its own natural oils. The scents from pure, natural essential oils are seldom overpowering, and have the added benefit of imparting other therapeutic benefits – both for the skin, and mind.



You’ll want to keep moisture locked into your skin, while still allowing it to breathe. Right after you shower, take 30 seconds to apply a small amount of an easily-absorbed blend of all-natural plant oils that will leave your skin feeling soft, moisturized and with minimal flakiness for hours on end.
Our formulations are mild enough to be used on the face, and all over the body too.

drink water for healthier skin

Constant Hydration

…and put all the advice you’ve read about eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to good use. Challenge yourself to chug 3 litres of water every single day. Even if you didn’t change your skincare routine, doing this alone is guaranteed to leave a visible difference in the wellbeing of your skin.

Plus, it costs you virtually nothing.

So which products will take care of these needs – at a price you can well afford?

goat's milk and patchouli soap for eczema prone skin

Our best-selling flagship Goat’s Milk and Patchouli soap offers mild but effective cleansing with a distinct, earthy scent. Skin feels soft and pampered after each shower. Each bar lasts for about 4 weeks, depending on your usage.

Value: RM24

Dry Skin Relief Skin Treats Oil for Natural Moisturization

A few drops of our Dry Skin Relief moisturizing oil will easily sink into your skin, leaving it feeling comfortable for hours on end. Say goodbye to that taught feeling in your skin. Suitable for face and body, and 1 bottle can last for 2-3 months, depending on your usage.

Value: RM70

Double Duty Balm Lock In Moisture Naturally

This balm is unscented, but has a pleasing aroma of chocolate thanks to the inclusion of pure cocoa butter in our formulation. Helpful for treating dry, chapped lips and skin anywhere on the body. Use on particularly stubborn dry patches of skin for relief from itching and tightness. One tin can last for ages, depending on your usage.

Value: RM30



But that’s NOT the price you will be paying for an entire set of these products today.

Get all three products for just RM124


Perhaps you’d like to know a bit more about who we are first…

At Kinder Soaps,

Kindness Comes Naturally

All our products are carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients that aim to nourish and protect your skin, without the need for artificial preservatives and fragrances.

Proudly made in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

This all started back in 2008 when our founder began to realise that commercially-made cosmetics included a whole lot of ingredients that served to colour, scent and preserve them (including soaps and lotions), just so they’d look attractive and last for years on the shelf.

They did not necessarily benefit the health of one’s skin.

For the sake of her family, she decided to do things differently.

That year, she began formulating soap bars that contained whole vegetable or nut oils, natural clays, goat’s milk, and essential oils from plants and left out all the usual artificial additives that are found in commercially-made skincare, such as preservatives and fragrances. Her newborn daughter had eczema back then, so she wanted to make something good for her. It seemed to work–and she had some extra soap bars, which she began giving away to friends and family.

They liked it too, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Kinder Soaps still maintains its artisanal roots by having all its products made by hand in small batches, but is also regularly audited by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), under the auspices of the Malaysian Ministry of Health, to be compliant with ASEAN Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

We want you to know that we are here for the long haul to serve you and your loved ones,
and we’re pretty serious about doing all we can to maintain high quality standards
throughout our production processes.


Good Skincare Does Not Have To Cost Us The Earth.

Here’s another thing about Kinder Soaps – we are acutely aware of the necessity to care for our environment, especially when we are not just consumers, but also producers of consumer products. Kinder Soaps is just a tiny company – but we try to do whatever we possibly can to reduce our environmental impact, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

reusable biodegradable handmade cotton soap wraps infused with beeswax

For example, we began focusing on reducing the amount of throwaway packaging we generate for all our products – and went to the extent of making our own biodegradable beeswax cotton wraps for our soap bars, which are both compostable and reusable.

As a result, we have avoided using thousands of feet worth of plastic shrink film, which would have ended up in landfills and remained unchanged in the soil for an unknown number of years.

We count this as a small win for us humans, and also for our environment. Every little action counts – yours too.

And one last thing…

We Are So Sure You’ll Be Happy With Your Purchases
That We Offer A 100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that you might have already spent quite a lot on finding the right skincare products for yourself by now.

If you are not entirely satisfied with how your skin feels after using our products, just get in touch with us and we’ll arrange for a refund.

We want you to be completely happy with what we offer, and trust that we have your best interests at heart.

Give your skin a second chance at feeling comforted, and healthy.


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