Teselli Body Souffle

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Here is something that will offer more intense moisturization for extremely dry skin (it’s even more protective than our Skin Treats oils).

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This cream-like formulation includes shea butter and cocoa butter, to soothe dry and chapped skin. The tiny grains you might come across in the souffle is silk powder. It disappears the moment you work the souffle into your skin. This formulation seemed to help my sun-damaged skin feel more comfortable and stay moisturized for longer hours compared to applying liquid oils only.

Just a little bit goes a long way, and it should melt easily into the skin. Feel free to use more if you feel inclined to do so, of course. 🙂

Lightly scented with rose geranium and lavender essential oils.

You can use this on your face as well.

Usage and Care Instructions

Warm up a small amount in the palms of your hands and gently pat into the skin. Or if you’re like me, you’ll scoop out a dollop and just slather it all over your body to feel luxuriously pampered.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.


Yellow beeswax, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, camellia oil, macadamia nut oil, tamanu oil, essential oils (rose geranium, lavender), tapioca flour, silk powder, rosemary oleoresin

Additional information

Weight 150 g

2 reviews for Teselli Body Souffle

  1. charmsboo (verified owner)

    Due to sheer laziness, my skin went from being normal to extremely dry, scaly and bumpy (due to dead skin build up from lack of care) during a long winter in the UK. This was the only moisturiser that worked for me. It hydrated, smoothed, soothed and softened my skin so well that it was nearly back to normal by the time I nearly finished the jar.

    It did seem a little pricey at first, but a little really did go a long way and it took months before I was able to finish this. It was rich, luxurious, and the scent was earthy and comforting, which made it so much more easier to fall asleep. Best of all, the scent still clung to my sheets when I woke up, making my room smell lovely.

    My skin has since recovered from its ordeal so I can go back to experimenting with other handmade lotions, but this remains one of my favourites and go-to solutions for extremely dry skin.

  2. chrischong26 (verified owner)

    I applied this to my dry skin that constantly itches, and it really did help to calm and moisturize my skin. My feet is very dry as well so I applied this cream every morning and every night to let it work miracles and stop my feet from itching. 🙂

    In conclusion, this cream can come across as really pricey, but I would say that it’s really worth every penny. Definitely recommended to those who have dry skin and/or extremely dry feet!

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