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For A Calming Home Ambience

Quiet Nights Essential Oil Blend

Limited Edition Scent Blend If you are looking for a scent blend that leans towards tranquility, calm and a sense of mystery and romance, you may appreciate our Quiet Nights blend. The combination of lavender, neroli and ylang-ylang essential oils is floral, slightly sweet, and complex. It's perfect as a fragrance to help you wind down after a frenzied day of zoom meetings, or to set the mood for an indulgent evening. (Not recommended to be applied to the skin, best used with an essential oil diffuser)


New Product Cross Sell – Loofah

Help Your Soap Last Longer For Just RM8!

(and also use it as a gentle body scrub)

We have just started bringing in all-natural loofah pieces, which you can cut into the exact size you need. Here’s what you can use it for:

  • keep your soap bar dry in its soap dish, so it dries faster in between uses for a longer useful life
  • exfoliate your skin in the shower every week – it lasts for months!
  • stack and sew several pieces together to create an all-natural dishwashing “sponge”. Cleans delicate dishes well, although it may not lather soap up as much as synthetic sponges.

Give this humble, but hardworking natural sponge a go. You’d be very pleasantly surprised.

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Now – Are You Ready For Better Skin?

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goat's milk and patchouli soap for eczema prone skin
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Dry Skin Relief Skin Treats Oil for Natural Moisturization

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Double Duty Balm Lock In Moisture Naturally




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Purchase this specially-priced bundle we created for you today for just RM124 RM70, and enjoy complimentary shipping via courier to any Malaysian address (just remember to enter “freeshippingdryskin” as your coupon code!).

Remember – we really want to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and you are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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Dry Skin No More Google Ad Leads

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This Is How Investing  RM124 RM70  Could Be The BEST Gift You Will Give Yourself

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quench dry skin


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Feel the difference in just 3 days!

This exclusive offer contains EVERYTHING you need to keep your skin cleansed, comforted and nourished:

  • 1 bar of our flagship Goat’s Milk and Patchouli Soap
  • 1 x 100ml bottle of our Dry Skin Relief Skin Treats Moisturizing Oil
  • 1 x 30g tin of our Double Duty Balm
  • Complimentary shipping via courier to ALL MALAYSIAN ADDRESSES

Price when bought separately: RM124 + RM8 (shipping) = RM132



Enter the coupon code “freeshippingdryskin” (without quotation marks) while in your Cart or Checkout Page (the coupon code request will come before your Billing Address details are requested), then select “Free Shipping” from your Shipping Options, so that we’ll waive your shipping fees.

(*Note: You won’t find this offer anywhere else – not even at our shop, if you visited us personally. You found us while searching online for a solution to your dry skin, and we’d really, really like to help you get yourself sorted out!)


1. Upsell 12 Bar No Frills Package Deal

Get An Additional 10% Off Our 12-Bar No Frills Soap Package

(That’s Around RM70 Worth of $$$ Savings!)

We notice that you really enjoy using our soap – thanks so much for your support all this while! Now, we’d like to help you stock up on your soap – but without adding any superfluous packaging to burden our landfills.

In this one-time only offer, you can purchase our popular 12-bar No Frills Soap Package (which is normally priced at RM240) for just RM216. It’s a great chance to stock up on your own supply of soap for you and your family, or even as simple – but very practical – gifts to people you really care for.

If you accept this offer, you will receive

  • 12 bars of naked soap of your choice in a single delivery (subject to stock availability). (Pro tip: store your yet-to-be-used soap in the fridge to preserve their freshness, and really stretch out its lifespan!)
  • An estimated RM70 worth of cash savings, compared to purchasing 12 individual bars of soap
  • Complimentary shipping via courier on your entire order

This is a one-time offer – we won’t show this to you again if you skip it (we don’t like repeated pop-ups just as much as you do!). We hope it will help you in your pursuit of keeping your skin comfortable and happy, and also reduce packaging waste for the sake of our environment.

Double Duty Balm Cross Sell – display popup

Try Our Double Duty Balm At A Special Price!

Complement your skincare regimen with an all-natural, simple and effective moisturizer.

We noticed that you’ve picked items that are geared towards dry skin. Our Balm has helped many of our customers, even those with hypersensitive skin and lips, find relief from dryness. Plus it’s easy to pop into your pocket or handbag when you’re on the go. You can read more about our Double Duty Balm here, or just add it to your cart for a special promotional price of RM25 instead of RM30. We’ll not show you this offer again once you skip it.

Push 10ml Dry Skin Relief

Try Our Dry Skin Relief Oil

A quick and easy way to comfortable skin for hours after you shower.

We know your skin will feel great after using our soap bars, but sometimes it needs that little added boost after a shower to plump it up and comfort it even more. All it takes is 2-3 drops of our Dry Skin Relief oil for your face, and a little more for your arms and legs – and your skin will feel soft and smooth for a good part of the day, without feeling overly greasy. Reapply as and when you feel it is necessary.

With its pleasing, creamy vanilla-like scent with a twist of orange and skin-nourishing frankincense, we think you’ll enjoy having it as part of your simple, everyday skincare routine.

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Brand New KS Customer

Are You New to Kinder Soaps?
Take Advantage Of This Special Offer, Just For You!

Moisturiser Bundle Special Promo
Here is a one-time only offer that lets you purchase our Moisturiser Sampler Pack (valued at RM82), not at its usual bundled price of RM70–but at half the recommended retail price.

For just RM41, you’ll receive the trial sized bottles of our popular Dry Skin Relief (worth RM22), and Baby Bliss (worth RM22) Skin Treats moisturising oils, as well as a full sized tube of our Double Duty Balm (worth RM38). Your skin will be in for a real treat when you combine using your soap together with our nourishing oil blends!

(P/s: In my hurry to create this offer, I had to use whatever I could find around my home to be featured in this product photo – so those two large glass bottles are the full, 100ml sized Skin Treats, not the trial sized 10ml ones that will be sent to you. Sorry about that… :p )