1. Upsell 12 Bar No Frills Package Deal

Get An Additional 10% Off Our 12-Bar No Frills Soap Package

(That’s Around RM70 Worth of $$$ Savings!)

We notice that you really enjoy using our soap – thanks so much for your support all this while! Now, we’d like to help you stock up on your soap – but without adding any superfluous packaging to burden our landfills.

In this one-time only offer, you can purchase our popular 12-bar No Frills Soap Package (which is normally priced at RM240) for just RM216. It’s a great chance to stock up on your own supply of soap for you and your family, or even as simple – but very practical – gifts to people you really care for.

If you accept this offer, you will receive

  • 12 bars of naked soap of your choice in a single delivery (subject to stock availability). (Pro tip: store your yet-to-be-used soap in the fridge to preserve their freshness, and really stretch out its lifespan!)
  • An estimated RM70 worth of cash savings, compared to purchasing 12 individual bars of soap
  • Complimentary shipping via courier on your entire order

This is a one-time offer – we won’t show this to you again if you skip it (we don’t like repeated pop-ups just as much as you do!). We hope it will help you in your pursuit of keeping your skin comfortable and happy, and also reduce packaging waste for the sake of our environment.