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Pausing Our Referral Programme

Hey everyone,

To those of you who have been participating actively in our Referral Programme, thank you.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to run it as effectively as we’d like, so we will be putting it on hold until we can figure out how to make it work better for you.

As a company that pours all its heart and resources into crafting great products by hand, we don’t have a large advertising budget to work with. We rely heavily on good people such as yourselves to tell your friends and family about our products, and hopefully they will become our customers too. We know that lots of you already do this, which is why we thought setting up a referral programme was a good idea.

Unfortunately, the numbers show that we are consistently losing money from running this campaign, rather than boosting our sales. 🙁 So even though some of you have been faithfully sharing your referral codes with your networks, getting the word out about Kinder Soaps (thank you so much!) and enjoying the rewards in the process, we will need to put this programme on hold – hopefully only temporarily.

We will pause the Referral Programme officially on Monday, 9th of October 2017.

We are sorry to have to do this, but like I said, we may get this up and running again in the future. In the meantime, you can still share your referral code with your networks, and if they make a qualified purchase before the 9th of October, you’ll still be able to claim your reward.

Thanks again for your continued support for us in general – we’re truly grateful that we have such a terrific bunch of customers, some of whom we have had the privilege to consider as friends. 🙂

If there is anything at all we can do to help you with regards to caring for your skin in an environmentally conscious way, call us at 03-77320955 during our shop opening hours, or drop as an email at anytime. We’d be most happy to chat with you.

Have a lovely week ahead!

Warm regards,

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Double Duty Balm On The Way; Revised Store Hours

IMG_0005 (Duplicate)Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well! Just a quick heads up to let you know that I just realised that we are completely out of our beeswax pellets, so I will need a week or two to make a fresh batch of our Double Duty Balm while waiting for my next shipment of ingredients to arrive.

To those who have just recently ordered them from our website, yours will be given priority for delivery. I’m so sorry to have to make you wait for them–but rest assured that yours will be the freshest batch available. 🙂

New store

On another note, we are revising our store hours (again!). I’m still trying to figure out the most efficient pattern of days to open during a given week, and this is part of the experimentation. Apologies for keep you guessing on when the shop is open! But here are our latest shop hours (which I hope to maintain for the long run):

Open from 11am to 6pm
Closed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Public Holidays

Calling us ahead of your visit would be best. winking Thanks for being so understanding.

That’s it for now. This week we are going to be pushing through with some major production runs, hopefully having some new storage racks delivered (yay!), and some design work going into the labels for our Star Wars soap.

Have a productive week!


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We’re Accepting Backorders Now!

Hellooo everyone! We’ve had a bit of a hiccup with our website over the weekend, but thankfully everything’s looking like it works and nothing’s broken (phew!).

One major difference is that for items that are Out of Stock, we are now accepting backorders instead of making you fill out a different Pre Order form. If we do not have a particular item in stock, you will see this notice that reads “Available on backorder” on the product page (refer to the photo). You will still be able to purchase and pay for the product, but we will only despatch the backordered item to you once it is ready. You may refer to the Curing Completion Dates to have a rough idea of when the next batch of your backordered item will be ready. 🙂

The major benefit of doing this is that you will now be able to rack up your reward points by pre-ordering goods that are currently out of stock. :D We hope you’ll be happy with this new arrangement!

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Happy Labour Day!

Wishing every one of you a well-deserved rest, wherever you are, whatever you do. And let’s also spare a thought for those who don’t get a chance to have a break from their vocations–whether by choice or through circumstance.

Be mindful, be kind, be generous. 🙂

(Oh and just a reminder that our shop in Damansara Jaya is closed today.)

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All Our Products Have Been Notified With BPFK!

I’m really happy to announce that all our products–soap, moisturizing oils, body polishes and balms–have been formally notified with our National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (BPFK), which comes under Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.

This presents a huge milestone for both Kinder Soaps as a business, and for me, personally, as a business owner. I hope that this move demonstrates our commitment to being in this business of caring for the skin for the long haul, and that we are doing what we can to operate in a responsible, transparent way.

On a personal note, this is something that I’m using to give myself encouragement too. That despite the sometimes shamefully haphazard way I  juggle my time and energy between work and my family, the important things can still get done.


Moving forward I’ll adjust all my product labels to include the relevant notification numbers, as well as to put them up on our product pages here on the website. We also have a few interested parties who have been waiting for us to get these numbers, so that they too can consider selling Kinder Soaps on their premises.

Rolling up my sleeves and getting back to work now. Have yourselves a terrific weekend everyone!

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Shop Closed for Raya Holidays Next Week

Just a quick note that Kinder Soaps will be ‘closed’ from 31st August till 4th September in conjunction with our upcoming public holidays to mark our Independence Day and celebrate Hari Raya. PosLaju services will be pretty much unavailable at that time as well.

To all our muslim friends, my family would like to wish you a very blessed Hari Raya. If you’re traveling outstation, do drive safely and take breaks whenever you need to rest. 🙂

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Shop Closed Till April 22nd

Hi everyone! I’m really excited–tomorrow we’ll be heading off on our very first road trip together as an entire family, together with my dad, to Cameron Highlands. I can’t help but keep wondering if I have everything we need packed.

In the meantime, I won’t be able to get onto the Net to answer emails or fulfill orders while we’re away (sorry!). But do feel free to still write to me or place orders–I promise I’ll get round to responding to you as soon as I possibly can. 🙂

Okay, one more business email to attend to then I’m off to bed. G’nite and take care!

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About That Price Revision…

I do feel a bit bad about having to finally succumb to raising prices across the board, but it’s the only way I can stay in business given that my ingredients are getting so expensive.

So once again, I’m sorry to have to have to do this. But you still have till 31st January 2011 to buy your soap at the old price of RM18 per bar (AND enjoy free shipping too, if you’re in West Malaysia!).

Do have a look around the shop to see if there’s anything that you’d like to get–and as always, I’m always happy to entertain your questions, so just send me an e-mail, okay?