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Ramping Up Production

I wish I could say it was for our own products, but lately we’ve found ourselves spending much more time making soaps and body care products for other companies. Take this for instance:


That’s just over a thousand bars of soap for one client. We have another order for 1,350 bars of soap to get through in the next few days.

breastmilk soap

These were made for a client who sent in her leftover frozen breastmilk (thank you for your terrific, careful service to collect them from her!), to be turned into soap. Scented with patchouli and french lavender essential oils–I hope she loves them. 🙂


This was the most amusing repeat order–deodorant! We’ve had one client send in 3 orders for 100 tubes each time, all in the span of 4 weeks. I never realised how hot the demand is for such a product. I guess her formulation is really effective.

amenities kit

Then there was the two crazy weeks that I spent trying to whip up a line of products for an amenities kit to pitch for a big client. Still no word from the actual person in charge after I handed over the samples, but the experience that I gained over that period, working with the middle man to continually refine the products, was priceless in itself.

Just so you know – there was NO WAY I could do this all on my own! Thankfully our Sunshines have all been working together to push these orders out the door, and we also have another new production staff coming in several days a week to help me make all these things. Learning to trust other people to pick up a task and run with it (and do it well) is still something I have to struggle with on a daily basis, but I have been blessed with extremely capable people working with me, which makes it so much easier. 🙂

Oh and one more thing:

NASAM Food and Fun Fair 2015. Image credit:


(image credit:

This is why we have so little stock left on the shelves! On June 13th we participated in the NASAM’s (National Stroke Association of Malaysia) Annual Food and Fun Fair at Taman Jaya, and raked in a whopping RM4,900 in sales. We committed 30% of all takings that day to be channeled directly to NASAM to support their continuous efforts to educated the public about stroke, and doing all they can to give strokees and their families a better shot at leading a normal life. Thank you for your fantastic support!

Right… so now it’s back to pouring our own soaps to restock our shelves! We’re really sorry if we’ve run out of your favourites. Hang in there, and we’ll be putting up notices about Curing Completion Dates soon.

In the meantime, have yourselves a pleasant week. 😀

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Soapmaking With Mon Refugees

The Mon women (photo courtesy of Dominika Florek)
The Mon women (photo courtesy of Dominika Florek)

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of teaching a group of Mon women how to make soap. A big thank-you goes out to Kristina Lakhiani who pulled the group together for the activity. At first I thought it would be a one-off affair for the refugees, but some really exciting long-term plans are in store for them and Kinder Soaps.

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Kinder Soaps Supports Budimas

Budimas LogoBack in July I signed up to be a regular donor to The Budimas Charitable Foundation, where 10% of Kinder Soaps’ profits are set aside to be channeled to charity. I know it’s been a while since I put my signature down on the pledge form, but I was caught up with other things so I never did quite get round to blogging about it.

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The No Plastic Bag Bazaar on Merdeka Day

Details of the No Plastic Bag Bazaar
Details of the No Plastic Bag Bazaar

Have you ever heard of the No Plastic Bag Bazaar? If you like the idea of environmentally-friendly shopping, then head over to Noble Banquet along Jalan Bukit Bintang this 31st August for a first-hand experience.

There’ll be plenty of pre-loved fashion items for sale and celebrities have even put up some of their own pieces for auction. Plus you can adopt a pet right there at the event! Now how’s that for a fun family day out? 🙂

I’ll also be selling my soap there, along with my soon-to-be-made whipped cocoa body butters. Will be showcasing my home-made soap batches which are quite different from what I currently offer, as I’m including organic vegetable and nut oils as part of my ingredients.

Sharing the table with me will be Andrew Kit of Ndevo. I *promise* I’ll get a photo of this handsome young chap, whose keen eye for beauty and detail has won his gift shop a loyal following. Latest by Tuesday next week, okay? 😉

Oooh, I can’t wait! Especially since I’ll get to meet with some old friends whom I haven’t had the chance to catch up with ever since my kids came along. It’s gonna be one fun afternoon! Please do drop by and support this event, would love to see you there.

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Our Next Appearance: Educare’s Earth Day Carnival, May 31st

Soap + Water + Toddlers = MAYHEM!

I’ll be setting up a little table at Educare Section 16 (where my son absolutely enjoys learning!) on May 31st to support the playschool’s “Earth Day Carnival”. It’s an even organised for the public, so EVERYONE is most welcome to join in the fun activities! Among other things, there will be carnival games, face painting, henna art, a recycling project, some earth-themed F&B and plenty of squirmy children going nuts over the hubbub!

On my part, I’ll be bringing a limited array of soap to be sold. More importantly though,  is that I have to dream up of some hands-on activities for the kids and adults to do with my soap to inject a bit of a fun element to my stall. Hmm… any suggestions, apart from using cookie-cutters to stamp out soap shapes?

Please do come and support this event. If you have children, bring them along – I can testify that the teachers at Educare truly care about their wellbeings and love all their charges to bits. Oh, and if you have plenty of old newspaper and other recyclable items that need to be cleared from your home, drive them over to the Carnival too. Remember to provide your own shopping bags and food containers, or you can purchase “Green Earth” bags at the Carnival and funds collected from these sales will be channeled to WWF and UNICEF.


  • Sunday, May 31st 2009
  • 0800hrs – 1200hrs
  • Educare Child Development Centre,
    42, Jalan 16/6,
    43650 Petaling Jaya,
  • Theme: The Green Camp

See you there!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts – Last Minute Orders!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note that if you’re still shopping around for Valentine’s Day gifts, Chamomile Labs has something a little different for you and that someone special to enjoy together this year! (And don’t forget that it helps us move towards raising RM1,000 for World Vision’s Gifts of Hope project by this 20th March)


RM100 (Save RM15)
3 x soaps of your choice
1 x 2oz Goats Milk Honey lotion
1 x 2oz Edible Massage Oil (contains Macavo oil, sweet orange oil and peppermint oil)
1 x Loofah


RM50 (Save RM10)
1 x Soap of your choice
1 x 1oz Goats Milk Honey Lotion
1 x 1oz Edible Massage Oil (contains Macavo oil, sweet orange oil and peppermint oil)

We’ll leave it to you to decide how you’ll be naughty or nice with these. 😉


Just call Michelle at 012 213 7898 and we’ll get things going!


We can arrange for a pickup point on Friday, if you’re within the Klang Valley. Otherwise delivery via a courier service would be the next best option.

Indicative Delivery Rates using PosLaju:
Within Malaysia: RM8.50
To Singapore: RM50.00


Call me at 012 213 7898, or drop me an e-mail at

Here’s wishing you a lovely Valentine’s Day.

With love,

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Raised RM87.91 for Gifts Of Hope Programme

I’ve just finalised our accounts for the month of December 2008. As we have pledged to always set aside 10% of our net profits to be given to charity, we have so far managed to raise RM87.91 in our very first month of business. 🙂 It’s a small amount to begin with, but I’m thrilled and very proud at the thought that it was generated through a sustainable business model (which means we’ll always have the capacity to give!).

Would you like to support our goal to raise RM1,000 for [World Vision’s Gifts of Hope Programme]( by 20th March 2009? Just buy any of our all-natural products. Apart from giving your skin a break from the usual chemicals found in mass-produced skincare, they make really thoughtful gifts for your friends and loved ones too! Just send either Amber ( or myself ( an e-mail to order, or ask any questions you may have on anything we do.