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Interview with Reef Check Malaysia

Today I chatted with Theresa, who is the Programme Development Manager for Reef Check Malaysia and it was such a good experience, getting to know the organisation and what they do on the ground, all around Malaysia.

We will be partnering with them for our Kinder Seas Project, to contribute to them financially for their coral restoration work in two sites in Malaysia, namely on Tioman Island in Pahang, and Mantanani Island in Sabah. I’ll be writing a longer blogpost about this project at a later date.

For now, you can watch the interview on IGTV, or listen to the podcast here.

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Thank You For Helping Us Minimise Plastic Usage!

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to take a bit of a breather from the work grind to write instead.

Most of you are probably aware of our efforts to reduce our reliance on plastic, especially when it comes to packaging our soap. In 2014 we began selling our soap in beeswax cotton wraps, which are made in-house and entirely by hand. Then to push the envelope further with regards to minimizing packaging, we started offering the option of buying our soap without any form of wrapping.

And from what we have observed, it really is possible to do away with packaging entirely–I am so happy to see this! You all are truly helping to reduce our environmental impact.

So much of our modern-day city life is saturated with messages that imply that you need more of something or other in order to be happier / more successful in life. I disagree. We can be happier with less stuff, to make more room for other more fulfilling pursuits. (For more practical ideas or discussions about what minimalism really is, I encourage you to visit this inspiring website.)

So in terms of the products that you buy, you have shown us that you care more for the product itself, and that you are quite happy to do away with superfluous packaging.

We have also chatted with numerous customers who shared that they have simplified their skincare routines to basic cleansing with soap, and moisturization if necessary. You make your own simple yet nourishing and effective scrubs out of foodstuff that you already have in your kitchen (yay!) – which means purchasing less cosmetic products in their own packaging. Your skin doesn’t need much more than that, unless you have a medical condition that requires special treatment.

Using less also means you are channeling fewer things to landfills.

So, to those of you who have been purchasing our soap bars, wrapped or otherwise, thank you for helping us do our bit to reduce our environmental impact in the course of meeting your skincare needs.

Operationally speaking, we’re taking little steps forward to encourage recycling, reusing and reducing waste material. Our ingredients arrive in plastic jerry cans, bags, and bottles made of plastic, glass and aluminium–we try our best to recycle all of these. I’ve made our cleaning kakak responsible for the collection of all our recyclable plastic bottles and containers, so that she can sell them for additional income (she seems quite happy with this arrangement). Glass bottles are a little trickier because of their weight and fragility, but I think CRC would be willing to come over to collect them to be sold to recycling centres too (although I’ve heard that glass doesn’t command as good a price as paper or plastic).

Paper scraps from our soap mold liners are used to wrap our free soap samples (so we can ditch the plastic zip lock bags). This was Christine’s idea.

We have also begun stamping our soap bars with their names, along with their “best used by” dates, so they are easy to identify even in the absence of any form packaging.

I’m sure there will be more we can do. Lots of inspiration came from the practices of other eco-conscious people around us – like yourselves!

Do share with us what you do to reduce your use of packaging for cosmetics, or for any other area in your daily life, for that matter. It’s always interesting to hear your stories. 🙂

And again, because we can’t say this enough–THANK YOU for doing your bit for our environment. You inspire us to follow suit.

Have a terrific week ahead!

Much love,

p/s: Have a peek at our range of soap bars here – those of you with skin concerns may benefit the most from what we have to offer.

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Kinder Soaps in Three Magazines in April

WHEEE! 😀 We’ve got an overdose of media coverage this month… Feeling extremely grateful to everyone who made this happen. Including You. Yes you, reading this.

First up is a feature in Female magazine, in the story “Big Green Hearts” on page 286 which features four women who are engaged in so-called “eco-friendly” initiatives (click on the image to be able to read the article).

The other three ladies who were interviewed are so cool, and their endeavours are certainly noteworthy. First in the story was Miriam Loh De Shield who started the Edible Project in Taman Tun which aims to create a sustainable community garden where people can come together in a common plot of land to grow their own edible flowers and vegetables (this is something close to my heart because I’m also dabbling in growing our own herbs and vegetables at home). Next was Felicia Choo Si Jia, co-founder of Something where the creative team makes and sells items based on the principle of upcycling. Finally there was Manjula Murugesan, who is in charge of environmental engineering and management of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines (whooaaa…).

Next up is a product feature in The Malaysian Womens’ Weekly as part of their Top 100 Beauty Hotlist which, apart from the team from the magazine, was contributed to by “beauty experts, celebrities, models and other beauty fans”. Our Goat’s Milk and Patchouli soap was picked by none other than Asha Gill!

Here’s what she had to say (in case the snippet on the page isn’t easy to read):

“I am a big fan of good old-fashioned soaps and am always on the lookout for non-toxic naturally-scented delights. I also love locally-made products and the owner of Kinder Soaps makes delicious, to-die-for products.”

Thanks for the approval, Asha! 🙂

Finally, there’s a little feature of our Summer Fizz soap in Her World, page 23. Ooh, and look at that bag made out of an old pair of jeans…!

So there you have it, our media coverage to kick off 2013. Thank you once again to everyone whom we had the pleasure of crossing paths with–we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Take care and have a terrific week ahead!