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Kinder Soaps in Three Magazines in April

WHEEE! 😀 We’ve got an overdose of media coverage this month… Feeling extremely grateful to everyone who made this happen. Including You. Yes you, reading this.

First up is a feature in Female magazine, in the story “Big Green Hearts” on page 286 which features four women who are engaged in so-called “eco-friendly” initiatives (click on the image to be able to read the article).

The other three ladies who were interviewed are so cool, and their endeavours are certainly noteworthy. First in the story was Miriam Loh De Shield who started the Edible Project in Taman Tun which aims to create a sustainable community garden where people can come together in a common plot of land to grow their own edible flowers and vegetables (this is something close to my heart because I’m also dabbling in growing our own herbs and vegetables at home). Next was Felicia Choo Si Jia, co-founder of Something where the creative team makes and sells items based on the principle of upcycling. Finally there was Manjula Murugesan, who is in charge of environmental engineering and management of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines (whooaaa…).

Next up is a product feature in The Malaysian Womens’ Weekly as part of their Top 100 Beauty Hotlist which, apart from the team from the magazine, was contributed to by “beauty experts, celebrities, models and other beauty fans”. Our Goat’s Milk and Patchouli soap was picked by none other than Asha Gill!

Here’s what she had to say (in case the snippet on the page isn’t easy to read):

“I am a big fan of good old-fashioned soaps and am always on the lookout for non-toxic naturally-scented delights. I also love locally-made products and the owner of Kinder Soaps makes delicious, to-die-for products.”

Thanks for the approval, Asha! 🙂

Finally, there’s a little feature of our Summer Fizz soap in Her World, page 23. Ooh, and look at that bag made out of an old pair of jeans…!

So there you have it, our media coverage to kick off 2013. Thank you once again to everyone whom we had the pleasure of crossing paths with–we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Take care and have a terrific week ahead!

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We’ll Be On Astro Awani 501 On September 10th

Astro Awani 501 crew

Whee! We’re absolutely thrilled to be featured by Astro Awani Channel 501 yet again–this time on their Entrepreneur programme which airs on Mondays, 9:30pm.

Kinder Soaps will be appearing on their September 10th slot, so do turn on your TV sets then. I will have to make a special effort to plonk myself in front of someone else’s TV because we don’t subscribe to Astro at home. :”)

I had fun (as always) and the show’s host, Ben Ibrahim was good at steering the interview. In this photo you see the crew painstakingly trying to protect the surface of my worktable without resorting to using my usual scrap newspaper (which wouldn’t have been very nice for filming). In the end we opted just to leave the table exposed–they were rather concerned about getting it dirty. So considerate of them!

Oh and in the far right of the photo is Alex, my supplier from Wellness Original Ingredient, who was also interviewed briefly for the show. Worth getting in touch with him if you’re looking for top-notch essential oils produced in the UK. 😉

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Kinder Soaps on NTV7’s The Breakfast Show, 30th January

We’ve been receiving quite a bit of media attention lately (thanks sooo much, media people!), and to kick things off for 2012, you can catch me in action, making soap, on NTV7‘s The Breakfast Show between 8:30am and 10am on Monday, 30th January 2012. I haven’t seen the edited footage yet, so I’m not sure what to expect either–but thumbs up to Yon Lynn who conducted the interview, and her cameraman for holding his equipment for aaages while I prattled on and on about soapmaking in general. 🙂 Thanks guys.

I hope you’ll find the interview informative. Comments are most welcome!


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Interview on The Bigger Picture Segment With BFM89.9

My third interview on BFM89.9! 😀 This time I get a tiny bit more technical on the science behind soap. I had to do up soo much background reading to make sure I got my facts straight, and I really hope I didn’t commit any scientific transgressions by spouting any wrong information. :-s

We chatted about how Kinder Soaps came about, how soap works, some of my favourite ingredients and why there seems to be an uptrend in the number of artisanal soapmakers recently.

I hope this interview gives you a better picture about why (and how) I’m just nuts over all-natural soap and skincare. Bouquets and brickbats are welcome!

After all, my foremost concern is to offer you a kinder bar of soap.

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Featured In Her World Magazine!

July turned out to be a pretty hectic month for Kinder Soaps for a number of reasons–one of them being my interview being published in the month’s issue of Her World magazine. My friend Murni of mimpimurni was also featured in the article (she makes natural lip balms, and solid perfumes housed in pretty lockets). I’m so grateful for the many new customers who got in touch with me because of the article, and of course the writer, Michelle Tan, who contacted me about the possibility of doing a short story in the first place. 🙂

So here it is, my first proper photo in a glossy magazine! (Strike one item off my bucket list, hehe…) What a nice way to mark my 30th birthday. 😀

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BFM89.9 Interview Podcast Is Up!

Missed out on Kinder Soaps’ live radio interview on BFM89.9 last week? Here’s the podcast for you to either stream live right here on the website (it loads really quickly!), or download so you can listen to the mp3 whenever you have the time to.

EEEE! :”>

1st segment: includes how it all started, what saponification is, startup costs.

2nd segment: includes where I get my ingredients, advice for mothers aspiring to be entrepreneurs, social work, future plans.

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Live Radio Interview on BFM89.9

What will I sound like on radio???
What will I sound like on radio???

This is the stuff of my dreams!

Ever since I started seriously working on Kinder Soaps at the end of last year, I found myself turning into a loyal listener of BFM89.9. I think their music, interview content and presenters are intelligent, and they always have something of value to offer listeners, especially those who are budding business people.

They have a section called Open For Business at 10am every weekday morning where they interview entrepreneurs about what they do, how they started up their businesses, the challenges they face etc. It’s always very inspiring to hear how others got their feet wet and are currently doing more than just keeping their businesses afloat. And I daydreamed about how awesome it would be if Kinder Soaps could be on air one day.

That ‘one day’ is happening on Monday, September 28th 2009 at 10am. 😀

I am so, SO very grateful for how it all happened. My first customer at last week’s bazaar turned out to be one of BFM’s producers, and after a few cursory questions she asked if I would be interested to be interviewed at the radio station where she worked. 😮 *WOULD* I indeed? I get to meet and speak with Freda Liu in person!

How do I feel? At times excited, nervous, thankful, confident… But always enthusiastic.

So if you have the time, do tune in to BFM89.9 this coming Monday the 28th at 10am to catch Kinder Soaps LIVE on air. Don’t worry if you can’t though–the podcast should be out on their website and I’ll definitely link to it from here.

Yay for radio!

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Kinder Soaps Gets A Mention In The Star!

First up, a huge thank-you is in order for Janet Lee who was the key person responsible for making the No Plastic Bag Bazaar such a success. You da woman! 😀 Your awesome organizing skills, pulling all parties together to work towards the goal of raising funds for the Furry Friends Farm and Malaysian Nature Society was clearly visible. And you still had time to sing for us, AND get some shopping done!

For a quick overview of what the bazaar was all about, check out the Star news article here.