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Music Monday – The Cello Song

Hello folks! Hope you’re having a terrific start to your week.

For today’s track, I’ve actually shared it before on my Facebook page and also on Twitter, but I thought it was worth putting it up on the blog too. I’m hoping a LOT more of you get to know this talented composer/arranger, Steven Sharp Nelson, because it would be such a treat to hear more of things like this from him.

Steven rearranged J.S. Bach’s timeless number, Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1: Prelude, to make it something that totally lifts you off your feet and gets your spirits up. Not only is the music enthralling, the video’s pretty entertaining too–it’s obvious that Steven and his crew had waaay too much fun putting it together. :p

Happy Monday everyone!

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Music Monday – Baba Yetu

Now here’s a musical treat that even my children have been enjoying almost daily (Brandon can even sing the entire chorus on his own!) – this is Baba Yetu, composed by Christopher Tin and was used as in the introductory video for the popular game Civilization IV. In hunting for the links for today’s post I also learned that Baba Yetu is the only piece of videogame soundtrack ever to be nominated for, or win (!) a Grammy award.

Let the sunshine in with this uplifting track! Hope you’ll enjoy today’s Music Monday pick. Have a terrific week ahead. 🙂

p/s: The lyrics are a Swahili translation of the Lord’s Prayer.

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Music Monday – Crocodile Rock

Hi there! It’s Monday once again, and how is your week looking up for you? Sorry about being so quiet around here for so long, so many things got in the way of me sitting down and blogging properly.

Today’s track is Elton John’s Crocodile Rock, which my family used to listen to on countless road trips up and down the country when we were little children. And this video is (for me at least) a real treat–just LOOK at those SHOES and unbelievably shiny garb he’s wearing! Nice. 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!

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Music Monday – Agnus Dei

Something a little more pedestrian for this week’s Music Monday pick. This is Agnus Dei, sung to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

It’s haunting. I remember listening to this late into one chilly british night when a friend drove the two of us to the remains of Kenilworth castle. Those voices stayed with me even after we alighted and began clambering over the ruins by moonlight, staying close to the walls and avoiding pathways that had long since crumbled away.

Hope you enjoy this ethereal choral piece. Happy Monday. 🙂

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Music Monday – Uptown Girl

When I was swimming competitively, my team mates and I would also put up performances to cap off some of the events that we participated in. One of them was a huge group effort where we danced to this track from Billy Joel. So not only is it a fantastic 80’s throwback track, but it certainly brings back a glowing warmth to remember how carefree life was back then.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Music Monday – Paul Dateh’s Top 40 Violin Mashup

Hey everyone, did you have a great weekend? We certainly did–the kids went to a one-year-old’s birthday party at my hubby’s office yesterday and as a result, they were asleep from 5pm till this morning at 6:30! When asked, Brandon said he didn’t want any dinner but would only have his bottle of milk and go back to bed after a shower. :p Same went for Andrea, but she was much, much more grumpy about it. :))

Alright, I simply have to share with you another track from Paul Dateh. I’m so impressed with this guy’s musicianship! Hope this peps up your Monday. To all Malaysians, enjoy your Merdeka-eve Monday!

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Music Monday – Oh Fortuna (Carmina Burana)

How about something a little grand to start this week? Back in my undergrad days I joined the Warwick University Choir and we sang this number at one of our many performances. I think there were about a hundred of us on stage! All kinds of fantastic imagery comes to mind when  you listen to this piece, I think. Epic scenes of good versus evil, dragons in flight, a magician casting a spectacular spell.

Hope you enjoy this particular rendition. Happy Monday everyone!

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Music Monday – If You’re Not The One

Okay now here’s the story. This song has already been on my loop-till-forever list for years. The latest development was that Daniel Bedingfield’s first album, Gotta Get Thru This, got stuck in our car’s CD player. Brandon, my 3-year-old, has been hooked on it since–before we even leave our apartment to go somewhere in the car, he tells us that he wants to listen to this CD. Again. For the umpteenth time over.

And while I don’t have recorded evidence (yet) of it, I’m very proud to say that he can sing the chorus really well, high notes and all. The first time he did that was maybe about 2 weeks back and I was taken completely by surprise. I could have slid off my seat and rolled right onto the tarmac–I was reduced to a puddle of sappy, happy goo.

Happy Monday everyone. 🙂