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Oops, The Shopping Cart Might Be Wonky

I just had a customer yesterday who tried buying some soap using this website’s Shopping Cart feature, only to get stuck when she wanted to checkout. Audrey, my sincerest apologies–thank you for getting in touch with me via e-mail to sort out your order. What puzzles me is that there was another customer before you whose transaction went through without a hitch.

So while my hubby and I try to figure out why our e-commerce plugin is acting funny, if ever you encounter a problem with the shopping cart (or anywhere else on the site, for that matter), please shoot me a quick e-mail at michelle(at)kindersoaps(dot)com to let me know where the glitch is. If your soap order doesn’t go all the way through till completion, do what Audrey did and drop me an e-mail as well, and we’ll sort you out in a jiffy.

Of course, this is only possible before baby #3’s arrival. After which, expect my other half to pretty much ban me from doing anything else apart from resting up for a month, and getting to know our new addition to the family.

Ee, the thought still gives me the jitters. I’m excited and a little nervous, even though this is our third child. Guess you’ll never truly be ‘prepared’ as a parent.