Here’s a running list of the positive feedback I have been receiving from people who have tried my soap. If you have a good story to share, please leave a comment anywhere on the site or e-mail me, and I’ll add them to this section too. Thanks!

  • “…I’ve been suffering from acne & redness on face over a few years, nothing I’ve tried help but your soap. Within 1 week of usage (‘Dreamtime‘ & ‘Goat milk & honey‘), my acnes stop coming out, irritation on my face after washing has stopped and I can’t believe, acnes has left me (now just remaining some small scars for healing). They never come out anymore! Thank you very much, I believed it’s the natural ingredients in your soap that would not irritate sensitive skins like mine, plus, it leaves a soothing smell in the room. P.S: the soaps also relieved me from past few months worries, but now i know i can prepare for my wedding in March without acnes bothering me anymore :)” – Nicole Shee (22 January 2012)
  • “…Honestly we’ve spent like thousands already trying to treat her (mother-in-law) sudden bad burst of eczema…..even went to numerous skin specialists….still nothing good comes out of those visits….till i took those 2 Goats Milk and Patchouli from you…..sooooooo happy that it worked out for her and my FIL, SIL & even their maid are all praising your soap….loving it to bits….receive great feedback from my client as well….she ordered from you after my recommendation and she told me also that her eczema has reduced a lot…..” – Nik Iyza (2 December 2011)
  • “I’m loving the dry relief oil so far and the “choc orange” smell is divine!” -Eleanor Nasrudin (14 November 2011)
  • “Just wanted you to know that my hubby used Summer Fizz for the first time today and he enjoyed your soap! It lathers really well and smells heavenly – and best of all, his skin isn’t dry after! I’ll definitely be back for more! 🙂 – Amy Ng (30 October 2011)
  • Wonderful Showers With Kinder Soaps – blogpost by Adino Chang (29 August 2011)
  • “My girls have been using your goats milk with honey for 1 month, their eczema cured. Now I have to cut a small pieces to keep in the zip lock bag so that I can have the soap with us when we are traveling. I am using Clarity, and your soap moisture level also fantastic, all this while, after shower, I need to apply lotion to my skin, if not, my skin will feel dry and itchy. But after 2 weeks with your soap, I try not to put on lotion, and I don’t feel itchy at all.” -Melysa Yeap, 4 January 2011
  • “Husband ran out of his usual Protex soap so he curiously used the only other soap in the bathroom – my DreamTime. (My husband) is a pretty manly man – he came out of a spa hating it because it makes him smell like a girl. But he loves Dreamtime, said it reminds him of the soaps from Russia he used in his childhood. I used it mainly as a convenient cleanser for my face in between waking up and bed time. The difference is amazing. Love the smooth texture of my skin and my face feels moisturized without being oily.” -Shaza Hakim, Partner and Creative Lead, Stampede Design, 7 October 2010
  • “The soap (Ed: she bought the Cocoa Butter soap) arrived the day after you shipped it! I love the careful packaging and the cute note. (…) I loved the clean feeling and the after smell. And I noticed that it eliminates my BO like really effectively! I forgot to spray the perfume yesteday and I still smell good at the end of the day. (…) it makes my skin really smooth and silky, will definitely order again in the future.” -Farah, 24 February 2010
  • “Hi Michelle.  Thank you for the wonderful soap and for adding two extra bars into the mix. (Ed: Mike bought a dozen bars) Every time I use your soap I feel like I am in a 5 star spa… that is the only place where I have used soap this fine.  :-)” -Michael Reining, founder of MindValley LC
  • “My aunt bought us some of your soaps to try. I’ve been using the Goats Milk and Patchouli Soap for about 2 weeks and I love it. A few ‘long term’ itchy spots on my legs cured and recovered. No more scratching!” –Ad, 16 January 2010
  • “I just wanted to let you know that the soaps i bought from you were nice to use (thought you might like some feedback). I especially liked the cocoa butter one, which was very rich in lather and very moisturizing. It’s a big chunk of a bar, so it’s good for use.” -Chew Wei Lin, 7 October 2009
  • “(I am) currently using the goat’s milk for my son’s problematic skin (eczema) and it’s showing results after 1 month.” -P C Low, 25 September 2009

17 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I used the Teselli Intensive Serum over a few months and found that the dark shadows around my mouth disappeared, dark spots faded some (though not completely) and mild psoriasis patches on my hand also slowly faded away. It has also softened my face considerably. I use it every alternate night as a face serum. It doesn’t smell so great, but it sure is great for my skin.

  2. Mane Event:-
    Great hair shampoo soap. The bar lasts a long time – and I shampoo my hair everyday. The scent is lovely and no tangles. Love it!!!


    1. Hi Agnes, I’m so glad that your hair is happy! 😀 Do pop by The Mane Event’s product page and click on the Review tab to leave your feedback there–that way you can earn yourself some points to be redeemed as cash savings on your next purchase. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I have bought goat’s milk and honey soap last 2 months ago , its the best , at first I was apprehensive of using it as I have tried using cethaphil, body shop ,or whatever brand I can think of but I could not solve my skin problem, it usually start of small dots on my face which itch very badly and eventually it would go big and become pimple like red patches. But thankfully after using this bar of soap , it has not happened anymore , I would like to say thank you

  4. I have just ordered a few soaps and eczema relief oil yesterday and I received them today. Just in time for me to pick up the kids and to shower them with the new soaps. When I opened up the package, the smell is just fabulous. On my way to pick up the kids, I tried on the eczema relief oil and it absorbs really well into the skin and it is not oily at all. Not to forget the wonderful smell! thank you so much for the wonderful products and I will surely come back for more and will also recommend more people to use them.

  5. I’m having a wonderful experience with the essential oils for eczema, particularly the Eczema Support and the Teselli Healing Serum. My son is responding very well, the itch immediately goes away and so far it is not spreading. I have tried numerous creams and even natural products, but these oils are proving to be the most promising and fast-responding.

  6. Hi kindersoap
    I just bought your trial pack.
    Coincidentally my 7mo son got some redness on his cheek. I’ve tried using virgin coconut oil but it is hopeless. So I decided to use Tangy Lavender first (my 7mo haven’t been introduced to any soap since birth only m**g** which only been used once a month).
    I’m surprised the redness clear up only with one usage.
    Now the rest of family are using the soap and I noticed my skin (all of us) are very soft and smooth.
    thank you kindersoap.

  7. I think I really want to share this. I am 21+ weeks pregnant and my skin on my legs suddenly flare up in red itchy spots all over. It was so itchy I was loosing my sleep. I came upon your soap from Gina’s blog and I bought 2 sampler pack to try out. The Goat’s milk and patchouli soap really works for me. Just after 2 showers, the red itchy spots on my legs are almost gone. The itchiness left and I am so happy now!
    I purchase the Clarity and Summer Fizz for my fussy hubby too who have very dry skin and acne on his scalp, they too seems to improve.
    I love the scents these soaps leave behind in my showers and rooms….love it to the max!

  8. Few months ago I bought the sample set. Love the smell so much. I used it to shampoo my dry hair. After a few weeks using it, my hair is less dry and my hair fall problem is gone. Since then, I never use any other shampoo. Thanks dear – Mar, Terengganu

  9. I would like to learn the soapmaking. Do you open any classes?

  10. I heard Michelle on BFM and My daughter suffers from eczema as well (not severe though) so I thought I’ll try her soaps. She recommended the goat’s milk and breakfast bars so I tried them. Within the first week, my daughter’s skin condition has improved. It has not completely gone away, but it has helped. I am so impressed by the soaps that I have given it to a friend and my father to try as well.

  11. The cocoa butter soap is a dream!! I loved! Alas it’s finished, so I must order some more soon!

  12. Hello, I’m currently using the tea tree oil and lemon balm soap, the cocoa butter soap and the goats milk patchouli soap. Adrian and I both love them… Also gave out all the ones I bought to the people who helped me during the wedding and they all loved the handmade soaps! Will let you know their thoughts on the soaps when I get them…

  13. Am loving the Cocoa Butter cause my dry skin doesn’t itch like it used to. Plus, it smells good too 🙂 Am spreading the word (and the love) on your soaps to everyone!

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