We welcome wholesale orders gladly! Here is our most recent Kinder Soaps Price List 2021 with Wholesale Terms. Also, here are a few important things you should know:

On Being Ethical

We like working with people who hold similar principles and work ethics. This means we expect our business partners to always act honestly, hold a high level of personal integrity and always work with the best interests of our customers in mind. This means never over-promising about the efficacy of our products. We aren’t miracle workers – only providers of natural alternatives to commercially manufactured body care products.

Marketing and Publicity

We would strongly advise you against advertising in printed media that our products have any curative properties. You may only say that our goods are handcrafted bath and body products using natural ingredients, that don’t contain artificial / petroleum-based preservatives or fragrances.

Shipping and Delivery

All prices include complimentary shipping via registered parcel (Pos Malaysia). We recommend purchasing insurance to the value of your parcel’s contents. Expedited shipping via courier service is available, and we can quote this separately for you.

If for some reason your order is split into more than one shipment, you will need to bear the cost of the subsequent shipment(s). Of course, if you have other preferred methods of shipment feel free to discuss them with us.

For International orders, please ensure that you are familiar with your country’s import requirements, and be prepared to pay any customs duties that may be due on your shipment.

Please check on stock availability prior to placing your wholesale order. We will only ship stock that is readily available, unless prior arrangements have been made to secure products from a future production run.

Delivery is subject to the receipt of 100% of the invoiced amount. We do not accept credit terms.

We cannot ‘reserve’ wholesale orders that are not paid for. In fairness to all clients, whether retail or wholesale, priority will be given to paid purchases and orders.

By the way, just to make sure that you’ve been paying attention to everything we’ve been writing on this page so far (which means we’re definitely more inclined to work with you), when you e-mail us your wholesale enquiry please state, “Order Purpleen Pink Hippos” in your Subject line, and you’ll receive a response from us within 1 business day.


This is our latest Kinder Soaps Price List 2021 with Wholesale Terms.

Thanks for your interest in our wares, and if you’d like to get in touch with us you are most welcome to send us an e-mail at sales@kindersoaps.com.