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I Fixed My Eczema With Fish Oil!

I suffered from dishydrotic eczema on my left hand for over a year, where nothing I applied on my skin could break the cycle of itching, scratching and bleeding. This is the earliest photo I have of my left hand which began developing over a year ago. It started just at the tip of my pointer, but with every round of itching, scratching, bleeding and healing, the area of the vesicles spread, leaving my hand looking like this in October 2014:

dishydrotic eczema 1410-01

At its worst in July this year, the top left corner of my hand was covered in horrible itchy blisters that were constantly in danger of bursting and bleeding, making it impossible to do normal daily tasks like washing dishes, or even having a shower, without bracing myself for pain:

dishydrotic eczema 1507-04

However, the affected skin on my hand miraculously transformed in just 15 days to becoming practically normal after I began taking fish oil supplements–at triple the recommended dosage. I started this regimen 15 days back, and here is what my hand looks like today:

dishydrotic eczema 1509-01

My skin is supple again, albeit thickened with the constant regrowing it was subject to. No more vesicles (blisters) can be seen, and I haven’t felt the urge to scratch in 5 days straight! 🙂

So I must concede that all my efforts at researching and experimenting with essential oils, blends and salves to help fix the problem were ineffective, compared to how well supplements worked. It has reinforced my conviction that it is well worth the effort to try and address chronic skin issues by looking at nutrition first, before turning one’s attention to topical applications.

Here is what I have been taking:

blackmores fish oil

The recommended dosage is 1 x 1000mg capsule after every meal, 3 times a day. My thinking was that if my skin was already on the dry side in general, I was already lacking in essential fatty acids that are needed to maintain a healthy mantle. So first I doubled the dosage, which did result in some improvements in my eczema, but it was only when I tripled it (so I was taking 9 capsules a day) that my skin really improved by leaps and bounds.

Another consideration was a possibility that I was lacking in certain minerals, so I have also been taking some multivitamins and zinc supplements to go with the fish oils. This is the multivitamin which I am OK with:

spectro multivitamin


And here’s the B Complex and zinc supplement I take:

surbex zinc


From what I can tell, it is only when I forget to take the fish oil over 2-3 meals that my skin starts looking (and feeling) irritated and inflamed again. If I don’t take the multivites or zinc, I’m still good.

I don’t have all the scientific explanations as to why this worked for me–but I really, really hope that it can help you or someone you know who may be suffering the same condition as I was.

Do you know of a remedy for this kind of eczema? Please share it with us here so that other readers may also benefit from your insight. 🙂

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18 thoughts on “I Fixed My Eczema With Fish Oil!

  1. I started taking fish oil & multivitamin to help speed my healing after my carpel tunnel surgery. I noticed after a few days my skin consistently felt very smooth and moisturized. Like I had just applied lotion.
    Then I noticed my eczema on my hands was peeling alot. Revealed more normal skin underneath.

    It wasn’t until I noticed the pimples on my face were disappearing it clicked to me that it was the fish oil. The eczema on my top lip had totally healed.

    I have only been taking these items for 1 week and have noticed drastic differences in my skin. It’s literally glowing.
    I can’t wait to see what a month brings

  2. Also, I found black seed oil to be of great help. It is the oil of black cumin seed and helps with inflammation. Also good omegas, from a seed bs fish. I also take fish oil.

    I also make a barrier cream that is amazing. Tested in on myself and anyone with dry skin. A gal with psoriasis at my gym found huge relief with it. Really helps my eczema and also helps cracked heels and any other dry spots. The beauty of making it… I know the ingredients and the organic essential oils.
    Keep sharing… it’s how we all heal!

  3. The only thing to be careful with is high levels of fish oil can thin the blood.

    They have helped as one element of healing my hand and foot from the eczema.

    Gluten, corn, strawberries and rubber are my main triggers.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi.I have Dishydrotic Eczema adn after many tress it was determined it’s gluten. My body don’t have an issue with gluten, my Asthma, Arthritis and Eczema does. I quit all forms of Gluten for 40 days (lost some weight) but my fingers (arthritis) feel much better, Asthma has not flared up as much, and the best of all?? No Eczema! I promised to keep it up for a full year, but it does look promising 🙂

  5. Hi, I just want to thank you for sharing on what helped you. My husband has been suffering from the condition, with thick cracked skin on fingers and palm. The frustration, helplessness and sleepless nights of itch… was pure torture. Found your article and just 8 days into the fish oil regime, the condition has improved by leaps and bounds. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share with everyone. For the benefit of others.

    With the fish oil, he did also start taking Liver Detox supplement (Swisse brand). We suspect that his eczema flareups are due to weak liver, and unable to detox and expel out toxins properly. *Side note- he did have symptoms showing that indicates likelihood of weak liver. Hence, taking this. It is important to try to identify the cause of it as eczema is often more than just a skin issue, and might be a sign of some other underlying problems.

    1. Hi Elisa, I’m so glad to hear that you husband’s situation has improved tremendously! I’m also happy that you share the mindset of trying to get to the root cause of the problem of eczema – it takes time, trial and error, and no doubt some frustrating moments in between. I hope your hubby has found his long term cure – or at least, you are both better equipped to address any future flare-ups.

  6. I have the same problem as yours with my eczema it’s on both hands it really sucks I can’t do my daily tasks nor can I do a lot for my baby and it’s hard. I brought fish oil 500mg supplements from spring valley. How much should I take a day to get best results?

    1. I’m so sorry that you’re having to endure this – especially when you have your baby to look after! 🙁 I honestly cannot recommend the “right” dosage for the fish oil, but personally I experienced the most improvement when I tripled the dosage that was recommended on the bottle that I bought. This meant I was taking 9,000mg a day.

      I wrote another follow up post on supplements that helped with my skincare, perhaps that might be helpful for you to consider as well.

      Please remember that I am not a qualified dermatologist nor nutritionist – only someone who has read up research papers a little more than the average person about skincare, and has some experience with addressing eczema from various angles (internally and externally).

      Good luck! I really hope you feel some lasting improvement in your skin, and soon. Wishing you lots of love from across the pond.

      1. Hi! This article is really helpful! I started taking fish oil pills about 1 week ago because my dyshidrotic eczema is pretty bad. How many pills would you recommend taking per day? I have 1200 mg strength per serving with 330 mg of EPA + DHA.
        Thanks so much! 🙂

        1. Hi Ellie! Glad you found this write-up to be helpful. 🙂 I can’t make a professional recommendation for the dosage, but what I experimented and found to work for me was 9,000mg a day. Then again, it also depends on how well the body absorbs the stuff, which differs from person to person. I hope you’ll find relief soon! Please let me know how it goes for you. Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

  7. Hi!

    I’ve been having really bad hand and body eczema for 6 months now (it flared up out of the blue in Aug, settled down a bit and then flared again in Dec). I just wanted to ask if you continued with the high dose of fish oil daily after your eczema healed or did you scale down after? Thanks!

    1. Hi Wei Ping, I’m so sorry to hear about your eczema flare-up! 🙁 In my case, yes I did scale back to just 3 x 1,000mg capsules a day, and then eventually some days on, some days off. These days I only take them when I remember to…! :”) Do let me know how it goes for you, I really hope it can help. Another thing: I’m just done writing another follow-up blogpost to this issue, which explores some other supplements you can consider for overall skin health. It should be out by the end of today.

      1. Hey Sis hope your doing good. I just wanted to know what were u allergic to?? Like were u allergic to climate changes or wheat or nuts or something??And how’s your eczema conditions now?

  8. Hi Michelle, I wanted to ask as a follow-up how your hands and overall skin is going with the fish oil regime?

    1. Hey Tony! My hand is pretty much back to normal already, but I still break out every now and then when I particularly stressed, or sleep-deprived. But the fish oil definitely helps my skin be more resilient to cracking, even when the little bumps start to appear under the skin. I don’t think it is a real “cure”, but more of a coping mechanism that happens to work for me. I hope this helps!

  9. Hi.. this is great! I suffer from what looks quite similar to your eczema (on both hands!) and I’ve read countless articles on how taking fish oil can help.. but I’ve never heard or read of anyone upping the recommended dosage. Am keen on trying it out myself.. I’ve been taking that same fish oil too but only 1 capsule twice a day.. I really hope it can help me too because I am sick of having to go through this endless cycle of itching and oozing and cracked skin.

  10. Hi! Is it really safe to take more than 3000mg a day? I suffer eczema too but I’ve only started taking fish oil to cure it, so I’ve only been taking at most 3000mg a day. I want to increase my dosage. Did you feel any side effects to taking 9 capsules a day?

    1. Hi Leona! I’m glad that you’re giving this route a try. I personally did not notice any unpleasant side effects from taking 9000mg a day, but another friend said she felt like she was putting on weight in her middle. Perhaps it is worth mentioning that she has an exceptionally trim figure… :p When I coupled the fish oil together with upping my water intake to a minimum of 3.5litres a day, I find that my overall skin health has improved dramatically – and I don’t feel as dependent on moisturizers as I did previously.

      Having said that, however, we are all unique. Always listen to your body and do what feels comfortable and reasonable to you. Perhaps you can gradually adjust your dosage upwards over the course of 2 weeks?

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