Corporate and Customised Gifts

3 soap bars and a 10ml bottle of moisturizing oil, with a bundle of products tied in a floral printed furoshiki cloth.

Looking to get practical, eco-conscious gifts for a group of people who are important to you?

👋🏼Let Us Help

We have provided customised gift solutions using our all-natural soap and skincare items for events such as

  • weddings (bridesmaids' favours, wedding favours)
  • corporate events (door gifts, goodie bags)
  • baby showers
  • birthdays (curated gift sets)


Tell us what your budget is and we can propose something that suits your pocket, all the while still focused on delivering gifts that are gentler on our skin and the environment.

As a ballpark figure, we are happy to work with budgets that start from RM500 in total, and RM10 per person.

✅Types of Customization

Here are some ways we can tailor our products to match your company's / event's theme and budget:

  • making smaller sized bars (e.g. 50g and 25g sizes) 
  • switch up the way your soap bars are wrapped - will they go naked? In natural kraft paper? Or our signature cotton beeswax wraps?
  • printing your desired message on the outer packaging for soap bars
  • including a message from the host by printing it on a separate card to be inserted with the gifts
  • stamping your company logo / family crest into soap bars (only applicable for freshly made soap, subject to a minimum order quantity of 180 x 100g bars)
  • wrapping your gifts in a fabric whose colour matches your logo / theme

❌What We Cannot Do

Kinder Soaps has always been about all-natural care for sensitive skin, and being mindful about the amount of packaging waste that is generated by our industry. As such, here are some things that we just cannot accommodate:

  • customising a product using artificial fragrances
  • employing single-use packaging such as shrink-wrapping with conventional shrink film
  • sourcing fancy boxes and cartons that will inevitably be used once, or be thrown away
  • formulating a product that only looks and smells good, but does not feel great on the skin
  • make cheap products. I know it sounds harsh, but most people don't get to see just how much time, effort and resources it takes to make the kind of ingredients that we use in our products.

📆Turnaround Time

How far out is your desired order delivery date? Here's an idea of what you can expect to be able to get from us given the following timelines:

1-3 days

  • an assortment of any existing stock we currently have, in their naked form (for soap bars).
  • customisation depends heavily on the complexity of what you need, and whether we can source for materials such as wrapping paper in time.
  • if we happen to have enough furoshiki on hand, that will take care of your pretty packaging too, if desired.

4-7 days

  • all the above
  • soap can be wrapped in our signature cotton beeswax wraps
  • will be able to get small business-sized cards with your customised message printed on it in full colour, just send us the design in .ai or .png format.

1-5 weeks

  • all the above
  • may include soap and other products that are already in the production pipeline during this period.
  • custom printing of cards. We may be able to provide some assistance with designing the cards, depending on the time required, and complexity.

6 weeks or more

  • all the above
  • custom-made batch of soaps possible, and your logo can be stamped directly into the soap surface. Minimum order quantity of 180 x 100g bars (or 360 x 50g bars)

💳Payment Terms

We can offer an additional 2% off the total invoice if you are able to pay up front and in full, but otherwise we can start work once we receive a 50% non-refundable deposit from you. The goods will be delivered upon receipt of the outstanding 50% due.

We accept bank transfers and credit card payments via Paypal.

📦Shipping and Delivery

International Orders

We deliver worldwide, and will quote your delivery fee based on our courier's charges. You will be responsible for paying any customs duties that may be levied on your parcel by your Customs Office.

Malaysian Orders

We offer complimentary delivery to any address within Malaysia using our courier service of choice. If you require a specific service provider, let us know and we may top up an additional fee for shipping and handling.

❓More Questions?

Send them to us at, or call us at +6014-361 9207 during our shop hours for more information, or to request for a quotation. We look forward to working with you!