Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best soap for ___?

We have a number of options that are available, so you'll always have some alternatives just in case something runs out of stock (which frequently happens in our shop, ask any of our long-time customers).

You can check out our curated products for the following concerns:

My baby / infant has rashes / eczema. Can you help?

I'm really sorry that your baby (and you!) are having to deal with eczema. I really hope we can help. You can find a selection of our mild soap and moisturizers that are free from essential oils here.

For eczema that appears in the folds of baby's skin when it is a particularly warm day, try to clean the area with running water, or a soft, damp cloth, and allow it to dry thoroughly. Oftentimes these areas are getting irritated from perspiration that is trapped in the folds of the skin, and it shows up as a rash. You may not need to wash this area with soap at all - just keep it clear from sweat, and allow it to dry thoroughly.

My hands get dry and itchy from washing the dishes. What soap would you recommend?

First let's address the dryness. The quickest and most comfortable way to do this is to apply a leave-on product to moisturize the skin right away. Our Double Duty Balm is best suited for this. If you'd like to switch the soap that you keep on your kitchen counter, you can try any one of these listed here.

Why does my skin feel tight and dry after using Clarity soap?

You might have thought that your skin was oily, but it is quite likely that it was in fact dehydrated, and producing excess sebum to protect the skin from drying out further, which gives it the appearance of oily skin.

You might want to consider switching to a soap bar that is more moisturizing (try any of these listed here), as well as drinking more water on a daily basis.

I have bacne / acne on my back. What soap can help with clearing it up, and reducing the scars?

Our most popular choice amongst customers has been Clarity, but you can also try other soaps listed here.

The skin on my legs / arms looks white and flaky, and it itches. What can help?

This could be just dry, dehydrated skin. For immediate relief, choose one of our moisturizing leave-on products here. Oils offer more lightweight moisturization. The Double Duty Balm is great for small patches of skin and if you need an unscented option. Finally, our Teselli Body Souffle is the star in terms of offering wide coverage over the skin, and having a combination of nourishing oils and beeswax to effectively lock in moisture without feeling too greasy.

For more moisturizing soap options, check out this curated list.

My eczema is so bad that I have scratched it till it bleeds. Can you help?

Firstly, I'm so sorry to hear that your eczema has gotten to this point. :( Please see a doctor to get your condition assessed professionally.

As for daily care to help your skin heal, here's what could potentially work:

  1. Try our Teselli soap, which contains essential oils and other ingredients that have been researched and proven to be helpful for addressing broken skin. It might make your skin sting in the shower / wash initially, but the pain should eventually subside as you continue washing. It's quite a remarkable experience.
  2. Pat the skin gently with a soft cloth to dry, and allow it to continue air drying.
  3. Once the skin dries, and the bleeding stops / clots form, you can gently apply some Double Duty Balm on the affected area to help keep the skin supple while it continues healing over time.