3 Easy Steps To Hassle-Free Parking When You Visit Our Shop

We know that Damansara Jaya isn’t well known for providing easy access to public parking (there is a good reason why PJ folk are said to be extremely skilled drivers!). So when Atria Shopping Gallery finally opened its doors to the public, not only were its new retail shops and restaurants a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, but their parking lots too.

But it does come at a price – parking charges go for RM1 an hour, then RM2 per entry after 6pm. However if you would like to pay us a quick visit without the stress of squeezing in and out of the narrow lanes in our area, here’s how you can park in Atria for two whole hours - for free.

Step 1: Park at Atria Shopping Gallery

The basement level is a snap to navigate through (it’s essentially just two long lanes running the entire length of Atria), and the upper levels boast wide ramps and bright, airy floors. Access into the mall is easy via lifts and escalators.

Step 2: Go shopping!

You just need to spend a minimum of RM30 at any of Atria’s outlets. Save your receipt. (Pro tip: get some of your weekly supplies from Village Grocer on the Lower Ground floor. They are well stocked with a really good variety of fresh produce and imported goods).

Don’t forget to pay us a visit! :p We are just a 45 second stroll away from the entrance where Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar is (incidentally, they serve excellent sashimi and grilled fish, if you’re looking for a good place for a light lunch). Look for our ducky logo on the front door and mailbox.

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Step 3: Redeem your free parking

Present your receipt and parking ticket at the Concierge on the Lower Ground floor just before you exit.

Hope this makes it easier for you to come and pay us a visit. You can always ring us at +603-77320955 to check that someone is at the shop to receive you.

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