A Little Chinese New Year Gift

Well now, it’s not often you get to celebrate two “new years” just a month apart from one another! The chinese are preparing to usher in the year of the wood horse on 31st January 2014.

Leading up to this point, I have personally been dabbling in sewing in the second half of last year. I made a few things – mostly simple clothes for my own kids. This past week however, I decided to try my hand at making simple drawstring bags using brocade, which I thought would make nice gifts:

KS 140120 CNY bag

They measure roughly 12cm across, and are about 15cm tall. The drawstring is made from gold cord and has a proper spring closure thingy (if anyone can help me find the correct name for this, I would greatly appreciate your help!) to keep contents safe from falling out of the bag.

I would like to give them to you as a token of appreciation for your support all this while. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, January 21st) for every purchase valued at RM120 and above, online or at our Jaya 33 shop, we will include one (1) of these drawstring bags for you (while stocks last). They are not very fancy, but I think they are quite practical and pretty. :p The closure is easy enough for a young child to use, and the looped cord makes it easy to hang up the bag. The bag could be useful for gifting to your friends and family, or for children to hold their ang pau in. Just be careful not to let the weaving get caught on rough surfaces, or the material may unravel a bit.

I hope you’ll enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them! Oh, and I must make special mention of thanks to my hubby, who has been putting up with the anxiety-inducing sound of my sewing machine whirring away at nights while I was making these bags. :”)

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