All Package Deals To Be Discontinued From June 9th onwards

From this coming Monday onwards, Kinder Soaps will no longer be offering Package Deals for sale (both online and at our retail store), but will instead be putting in place a Points and Rewards system.

We know that quite a number of you have been regularly purchasing your basic skin care items with us, which is why we have decided to set up this way of saying “thank-you” for being such loyal customers. This system lets you rack up points with every purchase – regardless of how much you spend at Kinder Soaps – and redeem them as savings against your future purchases from us. I’ll be posting more details about this system at a later date, so watch this space.

(UPDATE: Complete information about our new Points and Rewards system can now be found on this page.)

Having said that, you can still purchase any of our Package Deals for the rest of this week, till Sunday.

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