Bulk Pricing For Individual Products

We’ve noticed that many of our customers tend to have one, or two kinds of soap that they really enjoy using, or use very regularly. If that’s you, we created our 12, 24 and 36 bar no-frills package deals to enable you to save a bundle through bulk purchases, while also allowing for some variety in the choice of soaps you’d like to get.

This year, we’re introducing an additional ability to purchase ALL our products on a wholesale basis, without any need for messy calculations or emails back and forth (although we do enjoy engaging with you!). Here are some of the things you’ll notice in our product pages:

  • Tiered pricing based on quantity purchased
  • Price changes are clearly displayed on the product page itself
  • You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, the moment you change your quantity
  • For items where packaging is optional (e.g. soap bars), you will still enjoy savings whether you purchase them naked, or wrapped. Our existing No-Frills Soap Packages only offer naked soap bars.

With this being made available to you, we’re hoping that it makes it easier for you to

  • bulk-buy regularly used soap bars or other skincare items in your household
  • stock up on hostess gifts
  • gift a lot of people the pleasure of nice-smelling things that also pamper the skin, while minimising our impact on landfill waste through superfluous packaging
  • save some cash (we know that every little bit counts)

Let us know whether you found this feature useful! Fingers crossed.

Love, Michelle and the Kinder Soaps Family

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