Changes to Shipping Fees

I’m flexing my writing muscles again to stop them from atrophying. :”) Things are a bit more settled at the moment, with the house a little bit quiet in the mornings when both the younger boys are down for their naps. So I’m going to try to make it a regular practice to blog a bit more frequently so I can update you the way I used to do in the past.

So many things have come to pass in the last six months, and it’s incredible just how much can happen in that short span of time. We now have a full time Little Ray of Sunshine, Kelvin, who has been working diligently to get familiarised with our store operations, as well as to help brainstorm on some activities that will hopefully be useful and beneficial to you all in the coming year. While our sales have indeed grown (for which I am truly grateful), so have our expenses. I have personally taken a while to accept this reality of doing business (and it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with!).

For those of you who have been with us in the past year, you would have enjoyed our complimentary shipping on all orders. We were really happy to be able to provide this service on our account. Unfortunately due to the increase in courier charges across most courier companies, it has caused us to actually make a loss on smaller orders (e.g. the RM20 ones). So we have decided to maintain our current free shipping status on all orders till April 30th 2013.

From May 1st 2013, we’ll be offering complimentary shipping to West Malaysian addresses for orders valued at RM100 and above. If your order is below RM100, the shipping and handling fee will stand at RM8 per order. Most of you may already be aware of the care we put into ensuring that your purchases arrive in good condition – from using padded envelops and sturdy mailer boxes, to helping you follow up with the courier service if your parcel takes a little longer than expected to arrive. These materials are a bit on the pricey side but at least we rest easy knowing that your orders are fairly well protected in their little journeys to your homes and offices.

For those of you in East Malaysia the shipping and handling fee will be increased to RM8 per order as well. We’d love to be able to offer you complimentary shipping too so we’ll be continuously on the lookout  for possible avenues to make this a reality. No promises that it will happen in the next year though.

I’m really sorry to have to finally cave in and start charging for shipping. This issue has been on my mind for months now because I really wanted to find a way around it. It seems that this is our best available option for the time being, and I hope you can understand why we have chosen this course.

Anyway, our complimentary shipping on all orders still stands right through this month of April, so you can still take advantage of it now. You can also pop by our store at Jaya 33 if you happen to be in PJ. Take care and have a good week!

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