Customized Wedding Order

We had some fun doing up a customized wedding favour project for a friend of mine, which was delivered today.

She had her half-sized soap bar favours wrapped in brown paper, with a simple scalloped card printed with her wedding details fastened to the front of each piece. For her bridesmaids, we parcelled 2 full sized soap bars and a handy bottle of custom-blended pulse point oil (this one was scented with rose geranium, lavender and cypress essential oils).

What I was most pleased about this particular project was that we tried out using these nifty pressed palm frond disposable bowls as the container for her bridesmaids’ gifts – and I think they do a wonderful job of keeping the gifts together, as well as lending a rustic, earth-friendly feel to the whole package. Here’s what you should look out for if you’re searching for a similar packaging solution:

Fallaleaf biodegradable disposable bowls

Fallaleaf is, I’m pleased to say, a Malaysian-owned and run company. Please support them by considering their dinnerware the next time you intend to host a party or event–their products are truly biodegradable, and did not even require any chopping down of live trees to make their products. Visit their website to know more. I bought my bowls from Jaya Grocer in PJ, and I’m sure they are available at your nearby supermarket too.

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