Double Duty Balm Emerges From Washing Machine

Yesterday I was out for yet another bazaar (which I’ll blog about later), and in the rush to pack up our gear I accidentally left the tester tin of Double Duty Balm in my craft market apron.

So now I can answer the question, “What happens to a tin of Kinder Soaps’ balm if it goes through an entire cycle in a Samsung washing machine?”

And my response would be,

“Not much, actually.” (How disappointing…)

Here’s what a normal tin of balm looks like:

I keep several of these about the house, one in each of our bedrooms within easy reach of the kids.

And this is what the machine-washed balm looks like:

There was some water on the surface of the balm when I popped the lid of the tin just after fishing it out of my apron. I flicked off the moisture, then tried touching the surface. It was a little stickier than normal, but otherwise fine. It wasn’t squashy or a huge mess. I tried applying it on my skin and it felt no different than my unwashed balm.

It even smelled the same! Maybe a little fainter than usual, but there wasn’t any detectable trace of detergent on it. However the tin did receive a small dent on one side:

I give credit to the beeswax for making sure that the balm stayed intact throughout its 80-minute ride in my washing machine. I think my warm water wash reached a maximum temperature of 40°C, so I’d imagine that my experience would have been a bit different if it went up to 60°C (beeswax melts at 66°C).

I’m saving this ‘special’ tin for my own use. Just to see if anything happens to my skin, you know?

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