Fun With Google Photos

My brother and husband recently began using Google Photos to backup all their photographs so I decided to do the same (and free up valuable hard drive space on my laptop). It has some pretty neat features, like the Assistant which automatically compiles animated clips or videos, or even puts together collages using photos with similar elements.

One other amazing feature is their search function. For instance, type in “flowers” and Google Photos will show you ALL the photos in your collection that have floral elements in them.

Naturally, I tried the search function out for myself.

Here were my results when I searched for soap:

google photo search soap

It’s worth noting that I have over 5,000 images currently backed up on Google Photos–and just three results for my life’s vocation? Okay then…

How about I search for… food?

google photo search food


Riiiight. I suppose it’s safe to say that there are a whole lot more food photos out on the Web than there are of handmade soap. All those comments from you that soap can look so edible are definitely not unfounded… :p

Have you tried using Google Photos? Did you like it?

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