How To Notify Cosmetics In Malaysia

We have recently been meeting up with artisanal cosmetics makes who wish to take all the necessary steps to legally notify their products for sale in the Malaysian market. They are going through what we did back in the past–struggling to find information about how to do things right. It’s a bit hard to find all in one place, but we feel that the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) is doing a pretty good job in offering what it can to guide would-be cosmetics sellers on what is required to notify cosmetics in Malaysia.

But there are other things to consider apart from product notification, on the part of manufacturing, and record keeping – and this is where we’d like to help offer some clarity. I wrote a short article on what it takes to notify cosmetics in Malaysia, including the kind of costs you need to consider, and you can read it here on Medium.

If you are a handcrafted cosmetics maker reading this, and are interested to find out whether we can help make things easier for your business, do write to me anytime at

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