Interview with BFM – Lady Boss #5

As always, it was all fun and laughter when I had a chance to be interviewed at BFM89.9 – The Business Station. I went in for a pre-recording session with Natasha yesterday. She was a lovely host, and in conjunction with International Women’s Day which fell on on March 8th this year, we talked about what running Kinder Soaps has been like as a woman, what my past employers taught me about being a good boss, and how my awful memory could actually be a blessing instead of a curse. :”)

Here’s the podcast of the interview. Apologies for my rough voice and delivery, and I am far from being a role model in terms of how to run a successful business… Rather, I shared real musings and experiences that can hopefully help others reflect on their own choices of action with regards to running their own enterprise.

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have after listening to the interview, and I’ll try my best to answer them coherently. :”)


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