Kinder Soaps in Three Magazines in April

WHEEE! We’ve got an overdose of media coverage this month… Feeling extremely grateful to everyone who made this happen. Including You. Yes you, reading this.

First up is a feature in Female magazine, in the story “Big Green Hearts” on page 286 which features four women who are engaged in so-called “eco-friendly” initiatives (click on the image to be able to read the article).

The other three ladies who were interviewed are so cool, and their endeavours are certainly noteworthy. First in the story was Miriam Loh De Shield who started the Edible Project in Taman Tun which aims to create a sustainable community garden where people can come together in a common plot of land to grow their own edible flowers and vegetables (this is something close to my heart because I’m also dabbling in growing our own herbs and vegetables at home). Next was Felicia Choo Si Jia, co-founder of Something where the creative team makes and sells items based on the principle of upcycling. Finally there was Manjula Murugesan, who is in charge of environmental engineering and management of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines (whooaaa…).

Next up is a product feature in The Malaysian Womens’ Weekly as part of their Top 100 Beauty Hotlist which, apart from the team from the magazine, was contributed to by “beauty experts, celebrities, models and other beauty fans”. Our Goat’s Milk and Patchouli soap was picked by none other than Asha Gill!

Here’s what she had to say (in case the snippet on the page isn’t easy to read):

“I am a big fan of good old-fashioned soaps and am always on the lookout for non-toxic naturally-scented delights. I also love locally-made products and the owner of Kinder Soaps makes delicious, to-die-for products.”

Thanks for the approval, Asha!

Finally, there’s a little feature of our Summer Fizz soap in Her World, page 23. Ooh, and look at that bag made out of an old pair of jeans…!

So there you have it, our media coverage to kick off 2013. Thank you once again to everyone whom we had the pleasure of crossing paths with–we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Take care and have a terrific week ahead!

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