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As busy-ness moves up a notch over here at Kinder Soaps (having a new studio with new corporate clients coming on board, masses of paperwork to handle, and the new school year starting for my kids), I found myself wishing that I had someone to handle the physical dashing about to collect and deliver items from both our suppliers and clients. Timing is everything for me, especially since I need to make myself available for the children’s school runs 3 times a day.

So after several instances of missed deadlines because I couldn’t make a long drive over to a faraway part of the Klang Valley, I tried out–and I’m now a fan! I’m not going to agonize over wasted time spent caught in traffic, or panic over a last-minute delivery or pickup that I need to do. Every single one of my job requests was completed on time, and most of my requirements were extremely urgent, meaning I needed something done within 2-3 hours (that’s a bit on the extreme end of my time requests!). is a well-curated network of despatch runners, called “Go Getters”, who will look out for job postings on their website and mobile app, and complete them in a timely, efficient manner. Need someone to pick up your laundry on your behalf? Just post up a job on, offer a tip and someone will pick up your job and help you out. Want to order a great meal from My Burger Lab and skip the queuing? Go Getters can get you sorted too! Offer a reasonable tip for your Go Getter and everyone’s a happy chap. (Visit their FAQ page for more info on how works.)

We are now really happy to have Go Getters help with delivering your Kinder Soap goodies to you, and possibly even more quickly than any courier service can! It’s the perfect solution for those of you in the Klang Valley who urgently need something from us, but can’t find the time to drive over to our shop, or don’t want to hunt for parking spaces around our area.

Goget shipping option

After placing your order at our website and selecting “Goget” as your shipping option (we won’t be charging you any shipping fees in this case), here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign in with Facebook at
  2. Create a job to collect your soap.
  3. Offer a nice tip for your GoGetter (general rule of thumb is a minimum of RM5 + toll fees, if any + RM1 for every kilometre between our shop in Damansara Jaya and your destination). I use Google Maps’ Directions to look up distances.
  4. Post up your job.
  5. Wait for your Gogetter to claim your job! Their contact details will be made available for you once they do.

(Again, have a peek at their FAQ page.)

We hope you’ll find Goget’s service as helpful, time-saving and liberating as we have!

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