No Longer Accepting Pre-Orders

Hi everyone, you may have noticed that the “Order Out Of Stock Items” is no longer available for use. I figured that it’s time to tighten up my operations a bit, primarily by ensuring that we don’t run out of soap so often. :”>

There were also some instances where I overlooked certain pre-orders (I still feel bad about those cases!) because things just got so messy, with some orders being split into several shipments because things were out of stock and I forget to complete them later, etc. So to avoid this from happening again, I’m just going to stick to fulfilling orders for stuff that’s readily available, and only receiving payments for such. This seems more fair.

It will also make it much easier for my part time Little Rays of Sunshine to independently handle orders from the website.

So if there’s something that you’d like but it’s out of stock, just check the Curing Completion Dates calendar at the bottom of any page on the site to see when the next batch of the item will be ready for sale. Then come back to us on that date to place your order.

Alternatively you can just visit our shop at Jaya 33 when it’s open on August 6th onwards. By the way, we have planned some nice store opening specials for the month of August. Subscribers to our Kinder Soaps Newsybits newsletter will (very, very soon) also receive a special set of instructions for a little extra in the shop, so if you haven’t already signed up for it, just click here to do so and join in the fun!

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