Our Hole In The Wall

We’ve put down our initial deposit for the 10’x9′ space at Jaya 33, and I pretty much know exactly how I’d like to kit out the space. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable process–first coming up with concepts, bouncing ideas off my hubby (who has a much better design sense than I do!), then poring through this year’s IKEA catalogue page by page, over and over again to pick out the furniture (it’s cheaper than doing built-ins because of the tiny space)–and finally waddling through IKEA’s aisles sheepishly asking their staff to help me lug the bulkier and heavier items onto my shopping cart.

I suddenly remembered one of my Project Management assignments at uni, where we were given a case study of the planned opening of a new Marks & Spencer store somewhere in the UK. If I remember correctly we had to plan for the various possible scenarios and events that could happen while executing the project, and prepare a project schedule/timeline. What I do know for sure is that I didn’t do very well for this module. :”)

Now here I am, 11 years after completing that module, planning for the opening of my own little store. Good to know that I’m still doing something that is related to what I learned academically in the past!

And this time I hope I fare better in managing this project in real life, compared to when I was being assessed in an exam…

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