Pre-Orders for June Despatch Being Organised

Hey everyone, I know I have been making all kinds of administrative-related announcements lately, especially on our Facebook page, hope you can bear with me if you have been wanting to have more interesting, learning-type posts. They’ll be coming along eventually, I promise!

OKAY once again, thank you for your tremendous support of late–sales have gone through the roof (by my standards, anyway) and I’m barely keeping my records in order. I have made some slip ups (forgetting to include an item, for example) and I may be overlooked some email messages and orders. But believe you me that I’m really trying very hard to make sure that all of you are attended to in the best way possible, and in the shortest time possible. :”>

So here’s what I’m doing right now – I’m sorting out the order sheets that belong to those of you who may have had outstanding orders due to you because of items running out of stock, or if you have placed Pre-Orders and are waiting for current batches of soap to cure. If you haven’t already, please check the Curing Completion Dates calendar on the bottom of any page on this website for dates to estimate roughly when your parcel will be despatched (I aim to deliver them within 5 working days of the curing completion date for the soap in question).

Thankfully the bulk of the pile of order sheets has been mostly tamed and I should be able to get through this round of Pre-Orders fairly smoothly. If you are still awaiting my response via email to an order or enquiry, hang in there–I’ll start going through them again on Monday.

And I will be calling on those of you who have sent me emails expressing your interest to be soap tinkerers and shipping whizzes soon.

Till the next update, do take care and have a blessed time with your family and friends.

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