Ramping Up Production

I wish I could say it was for our own products, but lately we’ve found ourselves spending much more time making soaps and body care products for other companies. Take this for instance:


That’s just over a thousand bars of soap for one client. We have another order for 1,350 bars of soap to get through in the next few days.

breastmilk soap

These were made for a client who sent in her leftover frozen breastmilk (thank you goget.my for your terrific, careful service to collect them from her!), to be turned into soap. Scented with patchouli and french lavender essential oils–I hope she loves them.


This was the most amusing repeat order–deodorant! We’ve had one client send in 3 orders for 100 tubes each time, all in the span of 4 weeks. I never realised how hot the demand is for such a product. I guess her formulation is really effective.

amenities kit

Then there was the two crazy weeks that I spent trying to whip up a line of products for an amenities kit to pitch for a big client. Still no word from the actual person in charge after I handed over the samples, but the experience that I gained over that period, working with the middle man to continually refine the products, was priceless in itself.

Just so you know – there was NO WAY I could do this all on my own! Thankfully our Sunshines have all been working together to push these orders out the door, and we also have another new production staff coming in several days a week to help me make all these things. Learning to trust other people to pick up a task and run with it (and do it well) is still something I have to struggle with on a daily basis, but I have been blessed with extremely capable people working with me, which makes it so much easier.

Oh and one more thing:

NASAM Food and Fun Fair 2015. Image credit: Because.my


(image credit: Because.my)

This is why we have so little stock left on the shelves! On June 13th we participated in the NASAM’s (National Stroke Association of Malaysia) Annual Food and Fun Fair at Taman Jaya, and raked in a whopping RM4,900 in sales. We committed 30% of all takings that day to be channeled directly to NASAM to support their continuous efforts to educated the public about stroke, and doing all they can to give strokees and their families a better shot at leading a normal life. Thank you for your fantastic support!

Right… so now it’s back to pouring our own soaps to restock our shelves! We’re really sorry if we’ve run out of your favourites. Hang in there, and we’ll be putting up notices about Curing Completion Dates soon.

In the meantime, have yourselves a pleasant week.

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