(Re)Introducing our No-Frills Package Deals

We have brought back our Package Deals! Our power users get to enjoy up front cash savings of up to 25% off our soap bars.

You may be wondering what the main differences are between the No-Frills Package Deals and Monthly Subscriptions though, so here they are:[row style=”divided”]

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No-Frills Package Deal


  • Paid in full, up front
  • Soap choices are determined at time of purchase, and cannot be changed (unless there’s a valid reason, which we can chat about)
  • Delivery frequency is fixed at time of purchase, so we can determine what your shipping charges are:
    • once (free shipping)
    • every 3 months (+RM24 flat, for both East and West Malaysia)
    • every 6 months (+RM8 flat, for both East and West Malaysia)
  • Only available to Malaysian shipping addresses (sorry!)
  • Only naked (unwrapped) soap bars will be delivered to you.
  • Better for those who know exactly what soaps they want to use regularly.

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Monthly Subscriptions


  • Automatically billed monthly via Paypal, only for the number of bars you opt to receive every month
  • Soap choices may be changed every month, if you so choose.
  • You will receive soap bars every month.
  • Ships internationally. You will incur shipping fees with every delivery, and rates will differ based on your location.
  • You can choose between receiving wrapped or naked bars.
  • Better for those who prefer flexibility in their soap choices.



I hope this helps you decide which arrangement better suits your needs. Thanks once again for your tremendous support through the years!

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