Well, this is it–the last leg of my pregnancy before our baby arrives within the next 1 to 2 weeks. Moving around has become physically (and sometimes emotionally) challenging, as I am prone to having a pinched sciatic nerve. Playtime with the kids has been reduced to me sitting at a single spot, either chatting with them while they play with their toys, or reading them books. Lots and lots of books, many times over! I feel so guilty whenever my eldest son asks if they can go down to the swimming pool or go for a walk, and I have to say no.

Then I feel even guiltier after I lose my temper when he asks, “Why?”.

I’ve been trying hard to think of different ways to keep them occupied in the apartment now that I can’t move around much. The other day I let Andrea have a go at scrapping (is that the right term for it?). I brought out my stash of papers, stickers, tags etc and gave her a rough idea on what to do with all that stuff. She really enjoyed it! Now we have a couple of gifts to present to some family members, photos of whom she used in her efforts.

Yesterday we made shortbread biscuits after the kids had their lunch. All three of them were engaged right from the start! Reuben was spooning flour from one bowl to another (before spreading it all over his portion of the table and onto his feet); Brandon and Andrea busied themselves rolling, kneading and patting out ‘pancakes’ and ‘biscuits’ with leftover shortbread dough while waiting for the actual batch to be chilled in the fridge. But boy–having to bend over to supervise them eventually became torturous. My back is still aching and hurting till now. They are happy with the results though, which makes it worthwhile! I’m sure they’ll be proudly showing off their cookies at kindergarten today.

On the soaping front, we now have DreamTime, Spiced Coffee and Clarity on the curing racks. Summer Fizz is already running low at the shop so I hope to be able to make a fresh batch before baby arrives. We’ve had a few wholesale orders and numerous Package Deal purchases coming in recently, so our stacks of soap have been dwindling quite rapidly! We’re really happy that customers have found the soap to be beneficial enough to warrant repeat purchases for regular use. (And we apologise that we still run out of stock and haven’t quite figured out the best way to make enough soap just in time to meet demand… it’s quite a tricky thing to juggle! :”) )

Anyway so that’s about it for this update. Thank you all for your constant support and encouragement, and we look forward to continue serving you! Do pop by our shop at Jaya 33 as our Little Rays of Sunshine would be really happy to help you get your soap fix sorted out. Take care ya.

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