Running About Town

It’s been a very rainy, overcast week in terms of weather, all over PJ… But so much is happening still! This photo was taken during a video shoot two days back. I’ll let you know what it’s for once it’s out (on Monday this coming week, I’m told).

Apart from that we are gearing up for our first Christmas Bazaar (if I recall correctly) – and it’s going to be at Bangsar Village II, 28th and 29th November (that’s this weekend!) from 10am till 10pm. Come visit us if you can!


Our Star Wars soap is also almost ready to be sent out to you. I wanted to keep this as a little surprise for you to see only when you unwrap your soap, but check out the stamps I made for them…!

star wars inspired stamped soap

It’s not too late to get them at our special pre-order price of RM20 per bar (RRP is RM23 per bar from 28th Nov 2015 onwards).

Have a terrific day ahead everyone!

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