Shampoo Bar and Hair Care Tips

I’ve had many customers ask about the efficacy of shampoo bars in general, and plenty also voiced their concerns about soap being ‘too harsh’ on hair and the scalp. So I’d like to share with you some little tips and pointers to help you get the most out of switching to all-natural soap for your hair, and to hopefully restore it to its original, healthy condition over time. These are mostly drawn from my personal experiences, and anecdotal evidence from friends and family.

Note: my hair is thick, frizzy at the front, wavy/curly at the sides and back, and has the tendency to be dry.

Dripping wet hair is prone to tangling.

No matter what product you use to wash your hair, if you try combing through it while it’s still dripping wet, you’d be tugging at your poor scalp unnecessarily (especially if you have long, thick hair). To reduce tangling, just do your best to towel dry your hair so that it isn’t still dripping with water before combing it out.

Make your own (really amazing) hair conditioner.

Some customers love our shampoo bar right from the start. Some others felt that their hair felt ‘sticky’ after using it. I usually ask them to make their own hair conditioner to use after shampooing, and this usually resolves the issue.

Dilute 1 part apple cider vinegar (or strained lemon juice) in 15 parts water. After shampooing your hair and rinsing off all the suds, carefully pour this diluted solution through all sections of your hair. Rinse off with warm water. I guarantee you that you’ll be very pleased with the results!

The science behind hair conditioners is quite fascinating. Read the Wikipedia article for a brief primer. My personal stance is that if you were to focus on being generally healthy, it will show up in your skin and hair too. So the kind of hair conditioner I vouch for just plays the simple role of an “acidifier that strengthens the hydrogen bonds between the hair’s keratin molecules”.

Reverse your hair washing-conditioning process.

If you are concerned about the scent of apple cider vinegar in your hair being too strong, you can quite simply ‘condition’ your hair first, and then only shampoo it. I’ve tried it and my hair is just as bouncy and tangle-free as when I do the shampoo first – condition after. The added bonus is that I don’t smell so much like a salad when I’m done showering.

I strongly discourage adding essential oils to a vinegar rinse in order to mask the smell, mostly because essential oils can’t be diluted in water, and you really don’t want to be pouring undiluted oil so close to your eyes anyway.

Tame frizz and accentuate curls by smoothing excess skin moisturizer over it.

I usually warm up 2-3 drops of one of our Skin Treats oils in my palms, then smooth them over my frizzy baby hair. They disappear in an instant, neatly slicked back without looking a tad greasy. You can do the same with pretty much any moisturizer actually. Ones with beeswax may offer a more rigid hold on the hair, or make it look a little more weighed down. Emulsions seem to work well too. Personally I find that lightweight oil formulations work best with my hair.

So there you have it, my thoughts on how to coax your hair into looking its best without resorting to overly complex hair care products or regimens. I’d love to hear what your favourite hair care routines or tips are too! Please share them with us in the comments below.

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