Someone Won RM500 to Spend at Kinder Soaps!

Those of you who visited us at the most recent Crafty Art Market may have participated in our Lucky Draw by answering a few quick questions (thanks for stopping by y’all!). We had 60 entries, and the lucky winner was entry number 17, as selected by It’s Mr Steven Chung who stopped by to chat and pick up a bar of soap. Congratulations Steven! I’m so glad that we can help you sort out your Christmas gift shopping! RM500 can get you a lot of soap. A. LOT.

Another treat (for me at least) was that my brother, Lionel, offered to come and help out at the booth for the afternoon. I had such fun having him around, spotting all the marketing issues that I missed and basically acting as a much-needed additional hand/mouth/brain/eyes/feet for the entire time he was there. It was his birthday too! My dad was also around–you may have spied him seated at the back of the booth with his iPad. He wasn’t playing games, mind you… He was scheming. Big things.

Here we are, for the first time–a whole-family affair at a Kinder Soaps bazaar outing.

I still didn’t have much time to walk around the Market to take photos or visit booths, and it still took me 3 hours to finish a burger that was supposed to have been my lunch… But I’d never ask for anything to have turned out differently. It was a lovely, sunny Saturday, and it was spent in a most satisfying way.

See you all again at the next bazaar!

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