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IGG Studio Revamped


Night after night after night of poring over IKEA catalogues, erasing and redrawing lines on a template of my studio’s layout, agonizing over where to draw boundaries and room dividers, deciding whether a room or section needs more wriggle space and storage.

This is such a struggle.

But every morning I am rewarded with a sense of happy urgency to get this job done.

Then there is also the promise I made myself (and indirectly to my husband and children), that I will finally consider hiring a part time staff to help me with production once this studio is renovated. It’s part of the requirements for the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive GMP actually, because of the quality control considerations. More accountability for every batch of anything that we make.

With regards to funding, well… let’s just say I’m going for a slightly unconventional approach. Watch this space.

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