The Making of Our Dark Chocolate Mint Patties

I’ve been meaning to revamp our Dark Chocolate soap for some time now, and I’ve finally done it!

At Christmas our Mint Patties were quite popular and we had quite a few requests to have something minty as a staple offering. At the same time, I kept thinking about how to put a bit of a fresh twist to our Dark Chocolate soap, which has always been a favourite amongst those who have particularly dry skin. Combining the scent of peppermint essential oil and its skin benefits (it helps to soothe itchy skin) together with the original formulation for our Dark Chocolate seemed like a really good idea–so here it is!

Making Dark Chocolate Mint Patties 1After combining all the oils together, I had to force myself to leave the raw soap alone for quite to allow it to set up enough to be spooned in fairly even layers in the mold. There was no way I could pour the soap straight out of the mixing bowl onto the first layer without disturbing it, so I had to use ladles to gently plop the second and third layers on. I really enjoy working with cocoa powder because of its rich chocolatey scent, but it’s too bad that it doesn’t carry through to when the soap is done curing. Doesn’t this look just like chocolate pudding? =p~

Making Dark Chocolate Mint Patties 2After smoothening out the top layer as best as I could (I’m no pastry chef, it was really wavy instead of flat!), I flicked some specks of whatever remaining “white” raw soap onto the top layer.

Making Dark Chocolate Mint Patties 3The last step to decorating it was to swirl the top after yet another short round of waiting for the soap to set up a bit. I covered the mold with a tray as usual.

After this particular session I rushed on home to be with the kids again, washing undone. (Okay, I’ll admit it–my parking ticket was about to expire and I didn’t want to have to run downstairs just to put in another hour!) The next afternoon I was back at the studio to slice the soap. Unfortunately I still haven’t figured out a way to do away with soaper’s ash, so the surface of the soap didn’t look quite as appetising as it did the day before.

And here’s what the soap looks like after it was sliced. Dark Chocolate Mint Patties looking and smelling really edible! :p This batch will be ready on May 1st, so watch out for them in our shop and website!


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