We’ll Be On Astro Awani 501 On September 10th

Astro Awani 501 crew

Whee! We’re absolutely thrilled to be featured by Astro Awani Channel 501 yet again–this time on their Entrepreneur programme which airs on Mondays, 9:30pm.

Kinder Soaps will be appearing on their September 10th slot, so do turn on your TV sets then. I will have to make a special effort to plonk myself in front of someone else’s TV because we don’t subscribe to Astro at home. :”)

I had fun (as always) and the show’s host, Ben Ibrahim was good at steering the interview. In this photo you see the crew painstakingly trying to protect the surface of my worktable without resorting to using my usual scrap newspaper (which wouldn’t have been very nice for filming). In the end we opted just to leave the table exposed–they were rather concerned about getting it dirty. So considerate of them!

Oh and in the far right of the photo is Alex, my supplier from Wellness Original Ingredient, who was also interviewed briefly for the show. Worth getting in touch with him if you’re looking for top-notch essential oils produced in the UK.

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