Welcoming Our New Family Member, Sean Ngeow.

Say hello to my new boss. :p This is Sean. He arrived in quite a hurry in the wee hours of Tuesday morning on the 18th of September. Within 15 minutes of me waking up feeling mild contractions, this little fella was born right at home to a pair of slightly flustered, but very happy, parents.

Since then I have been taking some time off during my confinement period to rest and get to know our baby better. Sean seems like a very straightforward baby to care for and I love watching his many expressions that cross his red face while he slumbers. The squeaks, grunts, snuffles and whimpering sounds he makes are adorable, and bring back memories of his other three siblings when they were that small.

And don’t get me started on how addictive his baby smell is! I’m doing all I can to commit it to memory before it fades away eventually.

So this is why I’ve gone a little quiet on Facebook and all production work at the soap studio has ground to a halt. You will notice that so many items are out of stock – and the earliest you’ll be able to purchase fresh batches will only be in mid to late November, assuming that I can jump straight back into work after my confinement period is over. This being our fourth child means that I’ve noticed my body taking a longer time to recover from childbirth.

However, if you’re terribly in need of more soap that is out of stock at our website and shop at Jaya 33, you can always check out our other stockists to try your luck there. We have recently updated our list, so do check out our Store Locations page:


Anyway, I have just a few more days to enjoy this relatively quiet environment before it’s back to work. I feel daunted, to be honest… There have been so many changes, so many developments both for Kinder Soaps as well as my personal life which I have had to leave mostly unattended while recuperating. It’s a bit overwhelming, even though they are all very positive events indeed.

(One of my other interests is drawing. I finally had a little time on my hands to indulge in a favourite childhood past time.)

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