Fiddler's Green - Other Notes

How This Soap Came To Be

Some time back, I was carrying some marjoram essential oil home in my basket when its container leaked and half the bottle of oil spilled onto the car seat. For the next two weeks, I was traveling to and fro work in a car that was saturated with this homely kitchen scent (marjoram is a herb that is very commonly used to marinate beef). I also noticed that I was feeling irrationally happy during this time. Thankfully not in an insane kind of way, but just unflappably optimistic and very even tempered, regardless of my surroundings.

That led me to name this soap such. :) (Actually there's a little more to the story behind the naming of this soap - read the blogpost!) It smells pleasantly of sweet marjoram, a close relative of oregano, and is accompanied by the scents of cypress and pine, plus a hint of bergaptene-free bergamot (bergaptene is what makes bergamot essential oil phototoxic).

As these essential oils are well-known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties, this soap should work well for acne-prone skin, or even for those of you who have some form of folliculitis (pictures here, but be warned, some are quite gruesome). People who are physically active may also enjoy this soap in the shower after a good workout - these essential oils are also used in preparations to soothe sore or tired muscles (but those are in leave-on products, whereas soap bars are wash-off ones - so its effects may be much more subtle).

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