12 Bar No-Frills Soap Package


For our true soap fans and eco-conscious friends!

If you are the kind of person who has that favourite bar of soap to use, day in and day out, and you like the idea of preventing roughly 24 plastic bottles of liquid body wash and shampoo from reaching the oceans or landfills every year – then this is just the ticket for you.

You’ll be saving up to 15% off RRP compared to purchasing each soap separately.¬†Also available as 24 and 36-bar Packages.

Tell us your soap choices in the Order Notes box on the Checkout Page. Not applicable to Teselli soap.


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Here’s what you can gain from signing up for our 12 Bar No-Frills Soap Package:

  • cash savings up front, between 5% and 15% of RRP
  • receive your favourite soap bars all at once, or at 3 month or 6 month intervals, so you will always enjoy the freshest batches off our curing racks;
  • pay just once for the convenience of receiving a steady supply of soap to your doorstep for a whole year;
  • save even more by opting to personally collect your soap from our shop, instead of having them delivered to you (and reduce even more shipping material from being destined for the landfill)

Here we would like to focus on serving our power users who

  • depend on our soap to care for their skin (or those of their loved ones) on a daily basis;
  • don’t mind receiving the same soap (or set of soaps) for their regular deliveries;
  • enjoy giving random gifts to friends and family;
  • are consciously trying to reduce the amount of packaging that goes to waste – all soap bars in our No-Frill Soap Package come naked (without any packaging).

Terms and Conditions

  • This package deal is valid for 1 year (12 months);
  • Not applicable for Teselli Soap (sorry! It’s just too costly to make)
  • For deliveries outside of Malaysia, we can only accommodate one single shipment, and the shipping rate will be as per the quoted price from FedEx. You will also be responsible for covering any customs duties that may be imposed upon your shipment.

Additional information

Weight 1440 g
Soap Choice


Self-Collection, or Delivery?

Self-Collection (free), Please Deliver To My Shipping Address

How Often Do You Need Your Soap?

All at once (Free Delivery To Malaysian Addresses), 6 bars every 6 months, 3 bars every 3 months


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