Natural Loofah Sponge (1 whole piece)


Gentle, reusable skin exfoliant, soap saver, and a plastic-free alternative to dish washing pads, all in one! Each piece measures approximately 30cm x 9cm. Lasts for months, depending on how you use them.

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Loofah sponges are the fibrous structure of the fully developed fruit of the two species L. aegyptiaca and L. acutangula. The younger fruits are edible, and are popular in Indian, mainland chinese and Vietnamese cuisines.

The loofahs we sell are all-natural, and are not bleached. Unfortunately they come readily sealed in plastic bags for hygiene considerations, but we’re trying our best to negotiate with our supplier to do away with these, if possible.

They come flat-packed, and will fluff up into their distinctive, cylindrical shapes once allowed to soak in water for a while. They will also harden again when they are dry.

Each piece is approximately 30cm long, and 9cm across at its widest portion. Please understand that as these are completely unprocessed, each loofah piece will be unique and vary slightly from each other.

If you want to cut your loofah with a pair of scissors, it’s easiest to be done when it is still flat. Trust me, I know this from experience. 😉

Here are some ideas as to how a piece of loofah can work really hard for you:

  • Prolong your soap’s useful life. Cut a 8cm length of the loofah to turn it into a soap saver. Soak it so it fluffs up, allow it to take on its cylindrical shape. When it is dry enough to be a bit stiff, place it in a soap dish so that it will hold your soap bar clear out of any water, and your soap bar will last a whole lot longer by staying dry after each use. This is particularly helpful for our our Breakfast Bar.
  • Use it as a gentle facial and body exfoliant. Simply cut it to a size that you feel comfortable handling. For using with the face, I recommend allowing the loofah to soften in water first.
  • It’s a surprisingly long-lasting alternative to synthetic dishwashing sponges. You can sew a few pieces together to make a more substantial stack to hold in your hand. Just be sure to allow them to dry well in between uses.

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