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Botanical name: Origanum vulgare

Our oregano oil from Spain is one of the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral oils available - and it must certainly be used with care and caution. Great for fighting respiratory infections. Not recommended for use around infants, pregnant or nursing women.


Suggested uses

  • As an antifungal treatment for nails, dilute oregano oil in a carrier oil of your choice to a 1:1 ratio. Apply 1 drop to the affected area 1-2 times a day until the fungal infection clears.

  • As part of an antibacterial room spray, mix together the following essential oils in a 500ml spray bottle filled with water and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid:

  • Be careful not to accidentally spray at eye-level. Vacate the room and allow the mist to disperse for 5 minutes, just to be safe.


  • Do not use oregano oil daily for an extended period. Aim for short, 7-day applications at a time for acute conditions. Long-term use of oregano oil may lead to complications or changes in liver metabolism, so don't take chances with it.

  • Oregano oil is high in a chemical compound called carvacrol as well as thymol, which are the key reasons behind its strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral actions. It also affects platelet aggregation, and so is not recommended for use by people with blood clotting disorders, or patients who are taking anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin or Warfarin, or before surgery.

  • Do not use with infants, babies, pregnant and lactating women.

  • Will cause skin irritation in high doses, and will also irritate mucous linings (i.e. the inside of your mouth, throat, eyes and nose). Do not use in steam inhalation unless blended together to a maximum of a 10% concentration with other less potent essential oils, and only 1 drop of this blend is used at a time.

How to use

Use in an appropriate essential oil diffuser. Depending on the oil, it may damage some kinds of plastics, so we generally prefer using clay diffusers with tea lights.

Certain essential oils are also lovely as room sprays, insect repellents and linen fresheners.

Some essential oils are toxic to pets. Please read up about them as much as you can before using it around your furbabies.

We do not advocate the ingestion of any essential oils, unless under the direction of a doctor or certified clinical aromatherapist.

Be sure to dilute essential oils if you are looking to apply them to the skin, as most essential oils can irritate the skin when used at full strength.

Do your homework and read extensively for safety and knowledge!

Care Instructions

Keep away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and humidity. Do not allow any water or foreign particles to be introduced into the bottle, and keep the droppers clean.


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